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Newsletter 09/002 --, here are more insights into cancer prevention
January 14, 2009

ALL 4 NATURAL HEALTH – Attaining Good Health Naturally


Happy midweek!

I have been reading and writing quite a bit about cancer these past few days, so that will be the main topic of discussion again today. The great thing about natural health strategies which help to prevent cancer, or to fight (and overcome) the disease, is that they benefit health in many other ways, too.

That’s natural health and healing for you, where something which is good for fighting a disease, is often also good for preventing it, for fighting and preventing other diseases, as well as for overall good health and vitality. Natural health, after all, is doing the right things and letting the body do its work.

It’s much like planting a tree. We don’t really know how gases in the air, minerals in the soil, water, sunshine and the seed interact to become a tree, but we just put the necessary ingredients in place and wait for magic to happen. When a plant looks dry and withered, before you take a scalpel, cut it open to try to figure out what is wrong or to attempt to fix the problem, water it!

The tree analogy, by the way, is my favorite, and I use it a lot.


Here are some do’s and don’ts of preventing and battling cancer, as revealed in recent studies.

* Get more vitamin D via sunlight exposure - vitamin D has been shown to have protective effects against many types of cancer.

* Eat some beans and potatoes - they may lower the risk of breast cancer.

* Psychological counseling may improve survival from breast cancer.

* Native Mexican food may also lower breast cancer risk.

* Getting enough sleep is important. Sufficient sleep has been linked to reduced cancer risk in previous studies. Doing so ensures improved immune function. A recent study, for example, has found that sufficient sleep greatly reduces the chances of getting a cold.

* Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol, as they are linked to heightened risk of esophageal and stomach cancers.

* Smoking, too, raises colorectal cancer risk. So it is not just about lung cancer.

* Exposure to diesel and other vehicle exhaust raises lung cancer risk.

* Ladies, please take note of this one - some moisturizers have been found to contain oestrogens, which, when applied topically, would increase risk of breast cancer.

* And here is something all of us today need to be aware of - the inorganic phosphates in processed foods have been linked to increased risk of lung cancer. So, once again, lung cancer is not just about smoking.

When speaking about cancer, it is almost inevitable to start talking about conventional cancer treatment. Personally, I am very concerned about how diagnostic tools are often advertised as prevention methods. Diagnosis is not prevention!

For example, I have seen headlines lately about colonoscopies preventing colon cancer, and I ask, since when did colonoscopies PREVENT colon cancer? At the same time, another study has revealed that thousands of women are put through unnecessary surgical breast biopsies, which not only harm their bodies, but their pockets too.

And, did you know that a survey actually discovered that 75% of oncologists would NOT themselves use chemotherapy if they had cancer? If they don’t, why should we?

In reality, with rates continuing to spiral and conventional treatment pretty much as useless as ever, the supposed “war on cancer” has been an abject failure, especially considering how much resources, both in terms of personnel and money, are pumped into it.

Here are a couple of good external articles, one comparing conventional and natural cancer treatments, and one discussing the typical elements of a natural cancer treatment protocol.

Conventional Medicine and the Mainstream Media

I do wonder if I am writing too much on the bad points of allopathic medicine. But since these issues have surfaced, I will bring them to your attention.

Why is this important? Because change has to take place from the “bottom”. The more people realize certain parties are taking them for a ride and endangering their lives, the more they will make individual changes. And, only this way, will the industry be forced into reform. Otherwise, with all the money it is raking in, there is no incentive whatsoever to change anything. Not even ethics or genuine care for human beings.

Firstly, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has again let the American people down, with their own scientists alleging that their managers had interfered with the review process of medical devices.

And why have some scientists suggested that psychotropic drugs be prescribed to healthy people to improve brain function? If we want a healthier body, nutrition and exercise are the keys, NOT drugs!

By the way, some medical doctors who are renowned in their respective fields and have been recommending certain drugs for years, have been exposed as having financial ties with pharmaceutical companies. And this happens in the psychiatric field too, with specialists prescribing harmful and brain-altering drugs to thousands of young children. There is serious conflict of interest present in the medical field today.

Here are some external articles which may interest you:

* Vaccinations have been linked to Alzheimer’s disease.

* Poor families have been forced into vaccine trials, and 12 babies have reportedly died. If this is true, it’s another disgraceful story of inhumanity.

* The World Wide Web Health Awards may have vested interests.

* The mainstream media’s headlines may sometimes be very misleading, deliberately or otherwise.

* Health is the cornerstone of economic success.

Okay, have a great, happy and healthy day ahead, folks. And have a good weekend ahead too – it’s coming soon.

Yours in Good Health,


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