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Newsletter 09/003 --, how strongly do you believe in natural health?
February 04, 2009

ALL 4 NATURAL HEALTH Attaining Good Health Naturally


How strongly do you believe in natural health and healing?

I ask this question for a specific reason, and more will be revealed as you read on.

I have come to realize that, when it comes to natural health and healing, there are essentially two polar opposites for people's mindsets.

On the one hand, there are those who truly believe in its power, who truly believe in the futility (and even dangers) of conventional medicine, and who would turn to natural and herbal remedies regardless of the malady which they encounter. (Let's ignore scenarios like being shot by a bullet or hit by a bus - those are different situations altogether.)

In their homes as well as in their first aid boxes and medicine kits, they do not have pharmaceutical drugs, but instead keep important herbal armory, such as cayenne. Cayenne was used by the great healer Dr John Christopher to resuscitate heart attack and stroke victims, as well as to stop bleeding, to great effect.

Then there are the detractors. They are not only skeptical, but they believe that natural health and healing is quackery, voodoo, junk science, non-science, or total hogwash. They believe that human beings, in our infinite wisdom, have invented chemicals which are far superior to the God-given basics of nutrition, sunshine, herbs, etc.

Most of us are somewhere in between the two poles.

I have come across many people who "believe" in natural health and healing. When they have a tummy ache, or a headache, they attempt natural remedies, yes. But at the sight of any half-serious or potentially fatal condition, they panic and scoot off to medical doctors, seeking surgery and drugs to fix the problem.

Even "alternative health" books come in many different forms. There are those which give the finger to conventional medicine, and teach us how to live our lives and what to do to prevent AND reverse disease - ANY disease.

Then there are those which suggest this nutrient is good for this condition, or that vitamin is good for that disease, or that herb MAY help with this ailment, but ultimately, push comes to shove, when the going gets tough, they always ask us to go see a medical doctor and use "effective" drugs and surgery to "cure" the problem.

And then I ask myself, where do I sit on that spectrum?

Having come across the work of a great line of healers and messengers, and they include natural healers, laymen and medical doctors alike, I am convinced that there are no diseases which natural health and healing cannot tackle. Yes, none at all. (Unless it is REALLY too late, which happens, or the affected person wasn't doing things "right".) Dr John Christopher, Dr Richard Schulze, Dr Lorraine Day and Dr Johanna Budwig are the main ones who spring to my mind.

Yes, I believe. But how much do I really BELIEVE?

Meaning, if I were tomorrow diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer, or Parkinson's disease, or diabetes, what would I do?

I invite you to explore such questions, too.

Of course, the above mindsets I speak about are an overall generalization. But I think such questions are poignant, especially when we are in a calm state of mind. When diagnoses arrive, people usually run into a state of panic. And, in that vulnerable position, it is easy to be convinced (or brainwashed) into doing and trying anything, at whatever costs, both financial and otherwise.

There is no sure way of knowing what we will do until the situation really arrives and we are tested. But I do feel it is important for us to ponder the question at length beforehand.

Of course, to make informed decisions, education and knowledge are necessary. And this is where I hope to play a part. is still young, but I hope to bring important information and knowledge to as many people as possible in the coming years, hopefully decades.

Let me end off with a quote from Dr Schulze. "Remember, tomorrow is what you BELIEVE and DO Today."


At the moment, there are no new articles on the site since the last update. I hope to come back with more in a couple of days.

In the meantime, have a great, happy and healthy day ahead, folks.

Yours in Good Health,


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