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Newsletter 09/004 --, learn about dealing with asthma; plus other news.
February 18, 2009

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Happy midweek!


Last week, I updated the site with a number of articles on asthma. Asthma statistics, like those for so many other chronic health conditions, have soared alarmingly in the recent past. But, thankfully, like for other diseases, there is also a lot we can do to prevent and overcome this ailment.

In gist, there are 5 main areas which could help an anti-asthma protocol. They are: a clean living environment; proper food, diet and nutrition; herbs and herbal remedies helpful against asthma; useful supplements and nutrients; as well as alternative treatment modalities which may help improve one's condition, such as acupuncture and yoga.

The various pages and articles on asthma can be accessed here: Asthma Pages on main site

Further, latest news and studies on asthma can be accessed here: Asthma News

Other News

* Doing aquarobics during pregnancy reduced the need for pain-killing drugs during labor.

* Pregnant ladies who smoke are increasing the chances of their children getting serious cancer in future.

* Brand name heart drugs were found to be no better than their generic (and cheaper) counterparts.

* More exercise and less TV time can help cut diabetes risk.

* More active modes of transport translate to lower rates of obesity.

* Obese and overweight children have a higher chance of being injured during car accidents.

* The safety of artificial or synthetic playing turfs have been called into question.

* Having a religion has been linked to living a longer life.

Okay friends, that's it for today, and I'll be back soon with more. Have a great, happy and healthy day ahead. God bless.

Yours in Good Health,


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