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do you believe in cure-alls?; and learn about atherosclerosis
February 27, 2009

ALL 4 NATURAL HEALTH – Attaining Good Health Naturally

Issue 09/005


The weekend is almost here!


I have updated the site with a few articles on atherosclerosis. What's atherosclerosis? It's a condition whereby the walls of the blood vessels in the body thicken or "harden". This weakens them, and also restricts blood flow. There are no early symptoms and late stage of the ailment could result in strokes and heart attacks, both major killers. It's well worth learning about this disease. With the right dietary and lifestyle protocol, though, it's very hard to see one ever getting this condition.

The various pages and articles on atherosclerosis can be accessed here: Atherosclerosis Pages on main site

About Supposed Cure-Alls

, do you believe in cure-alls?

Quite frankly, when I see claims that a particular nutrient, supplement, herb, technique or whatever can reverse a whole host of diseases, I get skeptical. When the person saying it is also selling it, then it becomes even more iffy. Of course, such claims always come with a whole host of impressive testimonials, which then make you kind of go, "hmmm… could it be true?"

Even in the natural health community, there are plenty of clever marketing tactics used. But the use of clever marketing tactics does not by itself mean that the claims are not true.

In reality, if we have an understanding of how natural health and healing works, it becomes a lot more conceivable how just one thing COULD help with so many different ailments.

Virtually all chronic diseases have their root in a few core issues. Four main ones which I can immediately think of are: toxicity in the body; malnutrition or lack of certain essential nutritional elements; blockages or lack of circulation; and emotional issues.

Conventional medicine likes to harp on genes. Well, it's definitely true that genetic disposition has a part to play, and it makes us more vulnerable to certain things as compared to others. Genes help explain why two people can eat the exact same food and live the exact same lifestyle, yet still not have the exact same level of health.

But genes operate within a given environment. In other words, it's the surrounding circumstances which allow or cause a supposed "disease gene" to "fulfill" its inclination. If one has a supposed "cancer gene", but his body is clean, excellently nourished, circulating well (blood, lymph, "energy", etc) and eliminating its wastes properly (which contributes to the clean body), and he has no underlying emotional issues (including a relatively stress-free lifestyle), just *how* is the potential cancer going to surface?

The odds, I think, are close to zero.

Bob could have migraines, Tom prostate cancer, and Jim hypertension. But the main underlying cause for all their ailments could be *stress*. If there was a technique which greatly reduces stress, isn't it conceivable then that method could "cure" a wide range of diseases?

I bring up this issue because I have recently come across two techniques which are said to have helped thousands with tackling different ailments and improving overall health. One is an ancient technique, while one is a very young, recently discovered protocol.

One great thing is that they can be done at little or no cost. Well, there is always cost - time. I'm presently attempting to find out more and also trying them out for myself, and will share them with you in perhaps a few weeks or months.

In the meantime, remember: natural health and healing is about doing the right things and letting our bodies heal themselves. That's the only way to truly attain good health. It's an important reminder, one which I have to often give myself too.

Okay health-conscious friends, that's it for today, and I'll be back soon again. Have a great, happy and healthy day ahead, and enjoy the upcoming weekend. Cheers.

Yours in Good Health,


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