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consider these issues about conventional medicine; plus other news
March 05, 2009

ALL 4 NATURAL HEALTH Attaining Good Health Naturally

Issue 09/007


Today, I will be bringing you a series of health news on various subjects. Most of these topics are from articles which I had first written for another site, and which I am now publishing on All 4 Natural Health.

Important Questions and Thoughts about Conventional Medicine

The first topic to be discussed is conventional medicine. Several studies have surfaced some of the many things which are wrong with the medical system today.

* It is a procedure which is supposed to bring about improvements for arthritis and related symptoms. Yet, a study has shown that arthroscopic knee surgeries fail to bring about the expected benefits. It is my belief that surgeries are way overdone today, especially with regard to chronic and degenerative diseases. Surgeries usually do not solve the root causes.

* The worrying state of the medical care system is revealed in the fact that millions of Americans with chronic diseases are not covered by insurance.

* As we know, pharmaceutical drugs come with countless dangerous side effects. A study has revealed that negative reactions to antibiotics send thousands of Americans to emergency rooms every year.

* The mainstream media, without a doubt, has vested interests. And a study has suggested that media reporting on pharmaceutical drugs may be skewed towards commercial interests.

Health Benefits of Exercise

* Are you a golfing enthusiast? Good news! A study has revealed that it helps to increase life expectancy. The benefits are probably down to increased physical activity and social interaction associated with the sport.

* Afraid that you are too old to run? A study has shown a positive link between running and the health of elderly persons.

* Some physicians feel that it is unsafe for coronary heart disease patients to exercise. But a study has in fact shown that exercise can increase the lifespan of heart disease patients.

Importance of Emotional Wellbeing

* Emotional wellbeing is critical for good physical health. A study has affirmed this fact, showing that happiness translates to better health, too.

How to Prevent Certain Diseases and Things to Avoid for Good Health

* Strokes are a major and sudden killer of many people. A study has suggested some basic lifestyle and dietary habits we can undertake to prevent a stroke.

* Sufficient sleep of good quality is critical for good health. And a study has revealed that lack of sleep and poor sleep quality can cause elevated blood pressure in adolescents. High blood pressure, of course, puts one at increased risk of other conditions, such as strokes.

* Dirty air affects the lungs - that's common sense. But did you know that air pollution can negatively affect heart health, too? In fact, numerous studies prove this point. So, if you have a heart problem, please monitor the quality of air you are breathing in.

* We are told that fluoride is needed for healthy teeth. But a toxicology expert has raised concerns about the health dangers which fluoride in drinking water can pose to fetuses and infants. Fluoride, he says, is a neurotoxin which is naturally filtered out by Nature - that's why it can hardly be found in breast milk.

* Some continue smoking with the mistaken impression that richer people may not suffer its detrimental effects so badly. However, a study has shown that the negative effects of smoking affect all social classes.

* It obviously raises the risk of sexually transmitted diseases, but it seems sexual promiscuity can increase prostate cancer risk, too.

* Further, it also seems that the particles produced by laser printers could be harmful to human health. Beware, and try not to sit near them!

Other News and Information on Various Chronic Diseases

* Obesity is a frightening epidemic in the West. And being obese comes with many tangible costs for the individual. More reasons to maintain healthy weight.

* Together with rates of dozens of other chronic diseases, it has been revealed that food allergies among children in the US are on the rise, too. A sure sign of toxic lifestyles, diets and bodies, as well as weakened immune systems.

* Diabetes rates are on the rise, too. At the same time, diabetes drugs are getting more expensive (translation: bigger profits for Big Pharma). Added up, these are causing diabetes treatment costs in the US to escalate, almost doubling in a mere 6 years, from 2001 to 2007. More reason to take good care of our health, naturally of course.

Other News

* A study has shown that cancer survivors have it tough in terms of being employed. Personally, I dislike the term "cancer survivors" - why should anyone have to be associated with the disease for the rest of his or her life? I know that there are some of you among us who have beaten the disease. I wish you all the best in everything; remember to keep your spirits up no matter what!

Okay friends, that's it for today. Have a happy and healthy day ahead. As always, I'll be back again soon. Cheers!

Yours in Good Health,


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