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do you know that your health and food freedom is being threatened?
March 10, 2009

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Issue 09/008


Corporate Threats to Health and Food Freedom

Are you aware that, as we go about our daily lives, there is a significant movement involving corporations and regulatory officials to seize control of the people's food supply. And it's not just happening in one or two countries - it's a global movement.

In the name of food safety, health concerns and what not, certain parties are attempting to control the way our food is grown and produced. This is a very serious issue, as food forms the foundation of good health, as well as our freedom.

If these interests succeed, I don't know what will happen to our world. Perhaps all fruits and vegetables will have to be pasteurized, "cooked" or processed in such a way that, supposedly, harmful bacteria and viruses will be destroyed; along with that, however, will go all the health benefits of raw plant produce. Say goodbye to potent antioxidants, natural vitamins and health-giving phytochemicals.

Perhaps it will be goodbye to natural foods made by God and bestowed upon us by Mother Nature, too. In their place, we will have to eat human-made genetically modified food. Already, the corporation Monsanto is trying its best to force its genetically modified seeds onto farmers. I believe, if it had its way, there would be no more growing of food from natural seeds anymore, but every farmer on Earth would have to buy engineered seeds from such corporate machines.

We will probably no longer know the true ingredients of what is in the foods we buy, and how they have been processed. I recently read about how the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not require labeling of genetically engineered animals which are sold as food. This means that when you buy pork, there could be mouse genes in there; when you buy mutton, there could be spider genes which had been put into the goats.

Perhaps it will spell the end of organic farming, and legislation will decree that chemical (and toxic) pesticides and herbicides must be used in place of natural substances which have been proven for thousands of years to be safe and effective.

For example, recently, in Thailand, the government has declared 13 traditional Thai herbs as hazardous. By doing so, more control is exerted on the production and commercialization of these plants.

The said herbs are: ginger, chilli, neem, lemongrass, turmeric, Chinese ginger, African marigold, Siam weed or bitter bush, tea seed cake, Chinese celery, ringworn bush, glory lily, and stemona.

Wait a minute - arenít they just foods? Indeed. These herbs have been used in traditional Thai cooking for such a long time.

They are also widely used among Thai farmers as alternatives to costly and dangerous farm chemicals, herbicides and pesticides. The increased regulation raises costs for farmers and producers of organic foods, for example for registration, testing and packaging, which would be legally required. Farmers would be badly affected as they would no longer be able to freely produce, trade and use these natural pesticides and herbicides.

Hazardous? The authorities are allowing toxic pesticides, but listing these natural and time-tested foods as dangerous? What could the authorities' motives for such a move be?

It doesn't take a very smart person to figure out that corporate interests are at play. This isn't just happening in the drug and pharmaceutical world, it's taking hold in the food world, too.

For any person (I wanted to use the word "moron", but decided against being too harsh) who declares these substances (and many other natural ones) dangerous, I would challenge him or her to consume equal amounts of the pharmaceutical drugs and chemical pesticides which he or she allows and supports. I'm sure I can eat lots of turmeric, ginger, celery and other herbs and the worst adverse effect I will encounter is a tummy upset.

I am seriously concerned and worried about what is going on out there. These are things which are not just going to happen; many of them are already happening. The mainstream media, of course, is never going to be telling the world these stuffs.

And if you think this is not happening in "free" countries like the U.S. and in Europe, you are unfortunately rather uninformed or even naÔve. I would say that such movements are *especially* rampant in the more developed nations, where corporations have taken an even stronger foothold. In fact, the FDA already tried something drastic in the 1990s, and their attempts were only thwarted by a large public outcry in the US.

I seriously hope that I am exaggerating the problem. But just thinking about the potential consequences sends shivers down my spine; it frightens me immensely. If corporate greed rules the day, what kind of world will be left for our children, or even for us in our latter years?

I feel helpless, but hopefully, the more people who know about this issue, the more resistance there will be against these evil intentions.

Folks, if you can spare the time, I encourage you to go to the following URL and watch the appended video clip. It is a documentary on health freedom, about 30 minutes in length, although the underlying message extends beyond the domain of health, but also to our overall rights and freedom as free beings, resisting the might and influence of corporate greed.

And, do spread the word.

We Become Silent - The Last Days Of Health Freedom

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Okay friends, that's it for today. Have a happy and healthy day ahead. May we retain our basic human right to choose the foods we want to eat and the remedies we want to use.

Yours in Good Health,


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