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do you realize the importance of mental and emotional wellbeing?
March 27, 2009

ALL 4 NATURAL HEALTH Attaining Good Health Naturally

Issue 09/010


Last week, I wrote about German New Medicine, which basically believes that emotional issues, or conflict shocks, are the root cause of diseases, and that resolving them will trigger off the healing process.

For a recap, here is the link to read my introductory article on German New Medicine; this article then links to two other articles which were written by Joanne, a lady who recovered from ovarian cancer using German New Medicine.

Today, I would like to build on this topic and re-emphasize the importance of emotional and mental wellbeing in overall health, preventing disease, as well as overcoming them. To do so, I point you to a few studies which have shown that emotional and mental outlook helps one prevent, deal with and recover from cancer. Our gut feel would probably already tell us so, but this has now been verified in actual scientific studies.

And I suspect that their impact is much greater than most of us realize. Toxic relationships and unhealthy thought patterns actually depress our immune systems and also introduce many harmful chemicals into our bodies, perhaps on a magnitude greater than physical stressors.

In gist, being positive, being happy, being optimistic and having a bright outlook help; on the flip side, negative emotions and traumatic life events have an adverse impact on health. To read more about mental and emotional health helping to prevent, deal with and beat cancer, click here.

On a somewhat related note, two other studies have also shown us how the emotional and mental aspects of our lives can very directly affect our physical health. For example, one of them showed that persons who had to care for a sick spouse actually lived longer. The other study suggested that there are actual tangible health benefits to carrying out volunteer work.

Could these benefits be due to a renewed sense of purpose, the process of sharing, the joy of giving, or something else? We can't be sure. But we don't need to be.

If you are unhappy, stressed, not at peace with yourself or something, abused, having difficulty coming to terms with certain traumatic events, or just experiencing some negativity in the mental and emotional aspects of your being, I urge you to take action to try and address the issues. If left unchecked, they can not only bring you down mentally and emotionally, but also damage your body's physical health.

Okay folks, that's it for today. Learn to be positive and optimistic, and you will find life so much more worthwhile, fulfilling, happy and fun. A great side effect of that is, of course, better health, too. And if you have unresolved issues, do take the effort to deal with them.

Yours in Good Health,


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