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All 4 Natural Health Newsletter, Issue 08/001 -- Welcome!
December 05, 2008

ALL 4 NATURAL HEALTH – Attaining Good Health Naturally


Welcome to the All 4 Natural Health Newsletter! This is the first ever issue, and I am excited about what lies ahead as I work hard toward growing

For those of you who celebrated Thanksgiving, hope you had a great one. No matter how bad life seems, there is always lots to give thanks for, which is something most of us need constant reminding about. This is probably all the more poignant given the current global economic situation.


For those of you who signed up earlier, you may have noticed that the color scheme and look of the site has changed. Indeed, I am working on another new design and will be uploading it soon.

Besides doing my own writing, I have also engaged a couple of writers to do content development for me. Do give me your feedback, if any, on which pages and articles you like, which ones you don't, how they can be improved, etc.

The latest series of articles are on the therapies Acupuncture and Aromatherapy, as well as on the condition Bursitis. The latest updates on the main site can be followed on this page.


I have also created a new section, called "All 4 Natural Health News". Here, I will report on some of the latest interesting (or what I think is interesting) news and findings on health from around the world. This section will be regularly updated, and it can be accessed here:

Here are some snippets of the latest:

Did you know that living near greenery can improve health?

Or that something as simple as drinking more water can reduce risk of death from heart attacks?

Another simple health tip – listen to music which brings joy to you, because that, too, can improve heart health!

Having trouble meeting your daily intake of vegetables? Drinking some vegetable juice every day may help!

The health benefits of fish have been lauded for a long time. Latest studies show that it may improve cognitive function, as well as improve the survival of prostate cancer sufferers.

A recent study has also revealed a simple formula which allows older folks to be healthier.

Read about how vitamin D enhances the survival rates of colorectal cancer sufferers.

Any feedback, suggestions or even complaints? Feel free to let me know.

Okay folks, that’s it for today. Have a great weekend, as well as a happy and healthy life ahead!


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