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learn about acai berries, plus dangers of cellphone use and dirty air
June 08, 2009

ALL 4 NATURAL HEALTH Attaining Good Health Naturally

Issue 09/019


The acai berry has gained a lot of prominence recently, most notably as a superfood and as a miracle weight loss solution. If you look carefully at the spam emails which you receive, I'm sure there are some offering acai products which can supposedly magically cause you to lose weight.

While there is an amazing amount of hype out there, and a lot of people trying to make some bucks off acai products, there is no smoke without fire, so to speak, and I do believe that the acai berry has some positive health benefits. In today's latest articles, we can learn more about these berries, in particular on their positive health effects.

Acai Berry Benefits on Health
Acai Weight Loss Effects - Discussion
Acai Research and Studies
Some Acai Testimonials
Acai Side Effects and Adverse Reactions

Health Dangers

Extensive mobile phone (or cellphone) use and polluted air are two common elements of modern city life. And a few recent studies have highlighted their potential health dangers.

Of particular concern is the use of cellphones, of which two possible ill-effects are fertility issues and increased cancer risk. Today, even many children own these gadgets, and use them extremely frequently.

Now, some experts believe that increased cancer incidence arising from extensive cellphone use could take about a decade to surface. With the widespread use of mobile phones only having exploded in the last ten years or so, are we headed for a brain cancer epidemic?

The possibilities are quite frightening; if you cannot avoid cellphone use, hooking on a hands-free set is probably a good idea.

Health Dangers of Mobile Phones
Air Quality Linked to Longevity
Mothers' Exposure to Traffic Pollution During Pregnancy Increases Asthma Risk in Children

That's all for today. Have a great week ahead!

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