Some Acai Testimonials

Are you looking for some acai testimonials on the health benefits of this berry?

Because there is not an overwhelming amount of evidence on the health benefits of the acai berry, anecdotal evidence is a primary component of the information we have. There are a number of people who attest to the "superfood" nature of acai and who provide testimonials of its abundant benefits.

In a testimonial provided to Planet Berry, Debbie Newton of St. John's Florida said:

"I was diagnosed with Lupus approximately 2 years ago which has left me with severe fibromyalgia. I also have Interstitial Cystitis which is a very painful bladder disorder. After watching my mother die at the age of 50 with this disease, I was devastated. A large portion of her problems were from the side effects of the large amounts of medications that she was taking to keep the disease under control."

"I swore I would do whatever I could to not go on all that medication. Unfortunately after about 6 months, I too found myself heavily medicated on 12 different medications and 2 shots a week. The vast amounts of side effects were incredible."

"I was at a point where I just prayed to die to get me out of my misery. I knew then what my mother had gone through."

Debbie went on to say that upon incorporation of acai juice into her diet, she experienced a reduced need for her medication. Eventually, Debbie returned to her doctor to have follow-up blood work completed. Amazingly, the testing showed that everything was back to normal and her lupus was in remission.

Other acai testimonials reflect similar results. In one acai testimonial, one woman said that she was in ill health and had to undergo a number of surgical procedures before introducing acai into her diet. After incorporating it daily for a few years, she said that the symptoms of her illnesses, from pain due to arthritis to digestive abnormalities, had significantly improved, and she had lost weight.

Another acai user, a triathlete, said that acai helped his body to become more responsive and improved his energy levels, making a tremendous positive difference during triathalon season. In other acai testimonials, people testify to acai's unique ability to make them feel 'vibrant' again, increasing their mood and energy levels, and even helping them to sleep more soundly.

Many, many testimonials also focus upon acai's role in weight loss. A number of people proclaim that it has been the cure for their obesity. It is very likely that acai aids in weight loss, but how strongly it influences the process is not clearly known. However, because acai has seen a recent increase in popularity, it has been used as a marketing ploy for many products that are simply various forms of stimulants / weight loss pills, which have a potential to pose danger that is not present with the use of acai alone. It is important to keep this in mind when considering potential acai supplementation.

Acai testimonials on the benefits of the acai berry are quite prevalent and emphatic. People are happy to express that they have used acai supplements to aid in weight loss, illness prevention, and in many cases, healing of illnesses with which they have already begun to struggle. Although acai is a uniquely powerful food that we are only beginning to understand, it is important to remember that a balanced lifestyle and ongoing healthy living are the best keys to good health and vitality.

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