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In this section, I describe my favorite natural healing herbs, herbal formulas and foods, which have proven themselves over the years to effectively detoxify, nourish and / or strengthen the body, thereby promoting healing, health and vitality.

Please scroll down this page for a discussion on using herbs and foods to heal and strengthen the body.


Though simple and humble, garlic is probably the most powerfully health-boosting food on Earth . It boosts the immune system, increases strength, kills harmful organisms in the body, and is helpful against a wide range of ailments and health conditions. Garlic also makes for tastier recipes. It is thus very wise to include it as a regular part of one's diet.

In terms of nutrient content, wheat grass and barley grass , the young versions of the wheat and barley plants respectively, are two of the most nutritionally concentrated and potent superfoods known to Man. It is hence a good idea to supplement one's diet with these whole foods.

Essiac Tea and Jason Winters Tea are well-known the world over for their strong detoxification and healing effects. These herbal formulas have also helped many people recover from various serious diseases, even supposedly incurable or terminal ones. Even if one is not ill, maintenance doses of these teas can be drunk on a regular (though not necessarily daily) basis for detoxification and immune-building purposes. (Click here for more information on Essiac Tea recipes.)

Green Tea has many known health benefits and is even more widely drunk. It is much healthier than the more common black tea and is a wonderfully refreshing beverage.


Do herbs work?

Natural healing herbs work. This is clearly evident from the fact that people from many different cultures on all the continents have been using plants and herbs for healing, health and medicine for thousands of years.

Thos who believe in a higher being would say this has been by design of the Creator - herbs for good health and healing being placed on earth for Man's use. Indeed it has. Almost all spiritual texts mention the use of plants and herbs for food and healing.

Some people even believe that there are herbs which can be used to treat every single disease or health condition. Animals, too, often seek out plants and herbs when they are ill.

Comparison of natural healing herbs and prescription chemical drugs

On the page on herb remedies and herbal cures for specific conditions , I write on why I would anytime use herbs and natural supplements over chemical drugs, with the main points being:

  • Herbs are a form of food, and, like all good food, they strengthen and heal the body. But they are also more than just normal food - they can do powerful things which most simple foods cannot. Herbs are energy-rich and are also concentrated sources of revitalizing and nourishing nutrients, such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids, phytochemicals (plant chemicals) and antioxidants. Drugs, on the other hand, never heal or strengthen and only mask symptoms.

  • Herbs are natural foods, with little or no side effects. They are thus safer and more easily absorbed by our bodies. Drugs, on the other hand, are made using unnatural and harmful chemicals. Far more people die each year from using prescription drugs than from consuming herbs.

  • Herbs, being whole foods, have different substances and phytochemicals (plant chemicals) which work synergistically to enhance each others' effectiveness as well as to regulate each other. The latter point is very important towards preventing toxic overdose. On the other hand, when we extract certain single substances or compounds and make them into concentrated forms (e.g. in drugs and some single-substance supplements), we run a much higher risk of a dangerous overdose.

  • I believe herbs are almost always more effective than drugs (some reasons given above).

  • Drugs are chemical variants of their original natural herb remedies. In other words, they were made based on the mechanics or active ingredients found in plants and herbs, for the purpose of patenting and making money. I would thus much prefer to take the original medicine made and given by Mother Nature.

  • One other good thing about herbs is that many of them have multiple uses and can be used to treat several health conditions, either on their own or together with other herbs in herbal formulas / mixtures. The healing properties of herbs can also be harnessed through a few ways, for example herbal teas, powders or tinctures.

  • On one hand, natural healing herbs have been used for thousands of years. On the other hand, there is an increasing amount of research and studies being carried out on the healing properties of various herbs. Thus, today, we are able to combine age-old traditional knowledge and wisdom, carried down through generations, with the findings of new research and studies. This is an excellent synthesis of strengths.

    My own experiences with natural healing herbs and herbal formulas

    I have had several health issues throughout the years. Drugs which were prescribed to me rarely provided answers, often failing to relieve my pain and discomfort and giving me a lot of false hope, frustration and heartache. Even when symptoms were dealt with, it was always temporary, and would come with side effects and long-term damage done to my body.

    Herbs and herbal formulas, on the other hand, have proven themselves to be superb in aiding to strengthen my body, to heal it, or even just to deal with symptoms.

    I prefer herbs (e.g. red clover) over extracted supplements (e.g. Vitamin C tablets), too

    One thing to note is that I always prefer taking herbs to most types of supplements which use selected extracted compounds or active ingredients. This is because herbs are whole foods. They thus contain different substances and phytochemicals which regulate each other as well as work synergistically together for better absorption and effectiveness.

    When I do take supplements, I usually go for whole food supplements . Anything natural though, is still much, much better than chemical drugs.

    How about using food for medicine or for healing?

    On the page on understanding nutrition , I discuss the importance of food and diet and how it must form the foundation for good health. Our basic foods form the main bulk of what we eat - more than any herbs or supplements we consume. What Hippocrates, widely called the father of modern medicine, asked people to do - to use 'food as our medicine' - thus makes a lot of sense.

    My favorite natural healing herbs, herbal formulas and foods

    Single foods and herbs that heal

    In the animal kingdom, there are millions of different species of organisms. And all these various types of animals are not exactly considered equals. Some are more intelligent, some stronger, some are considered more 'developed', while some are higher up the food pyramid. The lion, for example, is widely regarded as the 'king of the jungle'.

    In the plant and herb kingdom, too, exist millions of different species. Similarly, when it comes to medicinal and health effects, some foods and herbs would be stronger or 'better' than most others. Informally, we can also regard these foods and herbs as the 'premium' ones for health in the forest.

    Herbal Formulas

    Then there are herbal formulas. Over the centuries, humans in different cultures and countries, through either deliberate experimentation or sometimes sheer accident, have discovered that certain herbs, when used together in specific proportions, produce positive health-boosting effects which far outweigh the effects of the individual herbs added together. These herb formulas have then been handed down through the generations.

    Lifestyle and Dietary changes must complement the use of natural healing herbs, herbal formulas and foods

    The natural healing herbs, herbal formulas and foods described in this section are, by themselves, very powerful. However, it would be dangerous to regard them as cure-alls and thus the license to continue poor and negative lifestyle and dietary habits. To improve health or to tackle specific ailments and conditions, dietary and lifestyle changes should always form the foundation of your efforts.

    A healing herb or food, when taken, has special effects on the human body. However, they need the proper 'fuel' to function. Therefore, if you are consuming large amounts of chemical-laden and innutritious foods, and subjecting your body to various abuses and lack of rest, the special herbs and foods which you consume would not have the necessary 'fuel' to do their work. Their effectiveness would thus be compromised.

    Using an analogy, let's just say dietary and lifestyle habits are petrol, while special foods, herbs and supplements are engine oil. You can give your car the best engine oil in the universe, yet its performance will always be limited if you continue to give it substandard petrol. However, if you combine excellent engine oil with the best petrol, your car will really be able to fly!

    Thus, when used as part of a wider protocol which includes positive lifestyle and dietary habits , these natural healing herbs, herbal formulas and foods would then have a much better environment and tools to work with, and thus be greatly more effective.

    Importance of quality of herbs and foods used

    For maximum effectiveness, the quality of natural healing herbs, herbal formulas and foods used must be high. It is thus very important to find and use reliable sources of high quality herbs and foods, and / or reliable sources of high quality and effective herbal dietary supplements. If possible, always go organic.

    You can also read about some of my thoughts on how to seek out quality sources of natural supplements, herbs and herbal products.


    Remember, only foods and herbs can provide the nutrients and energy that your body needs to regenerate, heal and strengthen itself. Thus, true healing is possible only through natural herbs, herbal formulas and foods, but never with artificial drugs.

    When I have health issues, especially chronic ones, I always seek out the relevant natural healing herbs, herbal formulas or foods to assist my body. In my mind, this method of effecting deep and true healing is the only available long-term solution.

    Click here to read the page and section on Herb Remedies and Herbal Cures for specific conditions and ailments.

    Click here for more information on a List of Herbs with health-promoting and healing properties.

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