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On this page, you can find a list of herbs which have health-promoting and healing properties. Click on the various links to find out more detailed herbs information.

If you haven't already realized by now, I love herbs and herbal remedies. They are God's gift to us. Thus, while I cannot claim to be able to tell you all about herbs (there are so many of them!), I do strive to put up as much information on herbs (the better ones) on this website as I can.

Do note that, when using herbs for medicinal purposes, the quality of herbs must be good. It is thus critical to find and use reliable sources of high quality herbs and / or reliable sources of top quality and effective herbal dietary supplements.

This is a basic list of herbs, and it is arranged in alphabetical order. Click on each link in this list of herbs to bring you to a collection of articles for each of the plants stated in this list of herbs.

Acai | Alfalfa | Aloe Vera | Angelica | Bilberry | Bloodroot | Burdock | Cayenne | Chaparral | Dandelion | Echinacea | Evening Primrose | Flax | Garlic | Ginger | Ginkgo Biloba | Ginseng | Goji | Goldenseal | Gotu Kola | Lavender | Milk Thistle | Noni | Poke (Root or Weed) | Red Clover | Seaweed | Slippery Elm | St John's Wort | Wild Yam | Yarrow |

Acai | Click here for pages and articles on Acai Berries

Alfalfa | Alfalfa Facts, Information and History | Some Information on Planting Alfalfa or Growing Alfalfa | Health Benefits of Alfalfa | Alfalfa Health Benefits - ways to consume alfalfa | Possible Alfalfa Side Effects, Precautions, and Contraindications

Aloe Vera | History of Aloe Vera | Other Aloe Vera Information and Facts | Methods of Aloe Vera Uses - Routes of Administration | External Uses of Aloe Vera | Medicinal Uses of Aloe Vera - Health Benefits of Aloe Vera | Benefits of Aloe Vera Gel - aloe vera gel facts | Aloe Vera Research and Studies | Aloe Vera and Cancer | Aloe Vera Side Effects, Caution and Contraindications

Angelica | Angelica - health benefits and uses of the angelica herb

Bilberry | Bilberry Herb - History and Information | Bilberry Health Benefits | Health Benefits of Bilberry - Research and Studies, Usage and Dosage | Bilberry Eye Health Effects | Possible Bilberry Side Effects, Contraindications and Drug Interactions

Bloodroot | Bloodroot Plant - History, Information, Research and Studies | Bloodroot Salve, Bloodroot Paste, Bloodroot Tincture, Bloodroot Oil, Bloodroot Capsules - Bloodroot Uses and Bloodroot Products | Health Benefits of Bloodroot Herb and Bloodroot Uses | Bloodroot Uses and their Bloodroot Side Effects

Burdock | Burdock Plant - History and Information | Information on the Common Burdock | Burdock Root Benefits on Health | Burdock Tea - Benefits, Uses and Preparation | Burdock Root Tincture, Burdock Root Oil and other Burdock Root Uses | Burdock Herb Research and Studies on its Health Benefits | Side Effects of Burdock Root - Caution, Contraindications | A Burdock Recipe or Two to Try

Cayenne | Cayenne Herb - History and Information | Benefits of Cayenne Pepper - How to Use the Herb Cayenne to Obtain Them | Health Benefits of Cayenne Pepper | Cayenne Pepper and Heart Health | Cayenne Health Benefits - Research and Studies | Cayenne Side Effects, Caution and Contraindications

Chaparral | Chaparral - health benefits and uses of the chaparral herb

Dandelion | History of the Dandelion Plant - Traditional Uses | Interesting Dandelion Facts | Dandelion Benefits on Health | More on Dandelion Herb Health Benefits | Dandelion Recipes to Obtain its Health Benefits | Possible Dandelion Side Effects, Precautions and Contraindications

Echinacea | Echinacea - uses and health benefits of echinacea

Evening Primrose | Click here for pages and articles on Evening Primrose Oil

Flax | Flax Plant - History and Information | Flax Seed Benefits - Flax Seed Nutrition | Health Benefits of Flax Seeds | Benefits of Flax Seed Oil | Flax Seed Oil Benefits - Tips on Obtaining Them | Flax Oil and Cottage Cheese - FOCC, the Incredible Mixture | Flax Oil Side Effects and Precautions; also covers Flax Seeds

Garlic | Summary Article | Health Benefits of Garlic | Information | History of Garlic and Garlic Facts | Planting Garlic, Harvesting Garlic, Storing Garlic and Preserving Garlic | Eating Garlic | How to Make Garlic Butter - a simple garlic butter recipe | An Easy Garlic Bread Recipe - Making Homemade Garlic Bread | Consuming the Garlic Plant - various ways to do so | Benefits | Health Medicinal Benefits of Garlic - An Overview | Garlic Health Benefits - Some Research and Studies | Garlic for Acne Treatment | Garlic and Blood Pressure | Garlic and Cancer - Is Garlic Anti Cancer? | Garlic to Lower Cholesterol | Garlic for Heart Health | Medicinal Properties of Garlic against Microbes, Harmful Organisms, Bacteria, Fungi, Parasites and Viruses | Side Effects | Possible Garlic Side Effects, Caution and Contraindications

Ginger | Ginger Plants - History and Information | How To Grow Ginger - Growing Ginger, Storing Ginger | Obtaining the Benefits of Ginger - Methods of Use | Health Benefits of Ginger | More About Ginger Health Benefits - Includes Topical or External Ginger Uses | How Ginger Benefits Health - Discussion on Ginger Research and Studies | Possible Ginger Side Effects, Contraindications and Caution

Ginkgo Biloba | The Ginkgo Tree - History and some Facts | The Ginkgo Biloba Tree - More on its History and Facts | Some Interesting Ginkgo Tree Facts and Benefits | Health Benefits of Ginkgo Biloba; Methods of Use and Dosages | Ginkgo Biloba Research and Studies on its Health Benefits | Ginkgo Biloba Side Effects, Caution and Contraindications

Ginseng | Ginseng Plant - History, Facts and Information on the herb | Ways of Obtaining Ginseng Benefits - Methods of Consumption | Health Benefits of Ginseng - Energy, Stronger Immunity, and More | More about Ginseng Health Benefits and Effects | Possible Ginseng Side Effects, Caution and Contraindications

Goji | Click here for pages and articles on Goji

Goldenseal | Goldenseal Herb - History, Information and Facts | Health Benefits of Goldenseal - includes ways to obtain them | Health Benefits and Goldenseal Properties - Research and Studies | Possible Goldenseal Side Effects, Precautions and Contraindications

Gotu Kola | Gotu Kola Facts and History | Health Benefits of Gotu Kola | Gotu Kola Herb - Research and Studies on Health Benefits | Gotu Kola Side Effects, Warnings, Caution and Contraindications

Lavender | History of Lavender Plant | Some Lavender Facts and Information | How to Grow Lavender Plants - Basic Growing Tips | How to Make Lavender Oil - a simple lavender oil recipe | Uses for Lavender - Culinary and Medicinal Uses | Lavender Herb - Health Benefits and Precautions

Milk Thistle | Milk Thistle - milk thistle benefits and uses

Noni | Click here for pages and articles on Noni

Poke (Root or Weed) | Poke Root - History, Information and Methods of Use | Health Benefits of Pokeroot | Poke Weed Research and Studies | Pokeweed Side Effects, Caution and Contraindications

Red Clover | Red Clover Herb - History and Information | Health Benefits of Red Clover | More About Red Clover Benefits - Includes External or Topical Uses of Red Clover | Methods of Red Clover Uses - Ways to Obtain its Benefits, Parts to Use, etc | Possible Red Clover Side Effects, Contraindications and Caution

Seaweed | Click here for pages and articles on Seaweed

Slippery Elm | Slippery Elm Tree - History and Information | Uses and Health Benefits of Slippery Elm | Slippery Elm Tea, Slippery Elm Powder, and Other Methods of Slippery Elm Use | Possible Negative Slippery Elm Effects

St John's Wort | St John's Wort Information, History, and more | St John's Wort Dosage, Methods of Use and Preparation | Benefits of St John's Wort for Depression, Anxiety and other Ailments | Does St John's Wort Work? - Information on Research and Studies | St John's Wort Side Effects, Caution and Contradictions

Wild Yam | Wild Yams - History and Methods of Use | Wild Yam Benefits on Health | Wild Yam Root, Wild Yam Extract and Mexican Wild Yam - More Information and Benefits | Benefits of Wild Yam Cream, Wild Yam Gel and Wild Yam Lotion | Wild Yam Herb Health Benefits and Properties - Research and Studies | Side Effects of Wild Yam - also Safety, Caution and Contraindications

Yarrow | Yarrow - health benefits and uses of the yarrow herb

This list of herbs continues to grow, so be sure to check back often. I will try to make this list of herbs as comprehensive as possible.

If you have ideas on what to add to this list of herbs, do let me know.


The list of herbs on this page provides information on a herb-by-herb basis.

Click here to read about a list of Herb Remedies and Herbal Cures for Specific Conditions and Ailments.

Click here to read about my favorite Natural Healing Herbs, Herbal Formulas and Foods.

To find an online source of good quality herbs and herbal products at reasonable prices, click here.

Additional Herbs Resources (more list of herbs) (Open in new windows)

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