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The information and material provided on this website and via email are representative of All4NaturalHealth.com's opinions and views. They are meant for educational and informational purposes only, and are not meant to prevent, diagnose, treat or cure any disease.

We strive to provide wholesome content of high quality. While this content is provided in good faith, with the hope of bringing to readers a different perspective about health, and in particular on natural health and healing, it should be taken as suggestions and sources of inspiration, and should not be construed as professional advice.

On some rare occasions, different pieces of content may seem to contradict each other. This is a result of the different perspectives of different writers or the varying results obtained from different studies. Fact is, life is almost never about clear-cut black and white answers. The final decisions lie with the readers themselves.

All product and brand names mentioned are copyright and trademarks of their respective owners. Please note that none of these owners, nor the persons quoted on this website as sources of information and statistics, have endorsed or otherwise approved All4NaturalHealth.com.

Readers are to use the information provided on this website at their own discretion. All4NaturalHealth.com is in no way providing instruction, prescription or professional advice and cannot be responsible or liable for the decisions and actions which her readers undertake as a result of reading her content. Accordingly, you agree that All4NaturalHealth.com shall not be liable in any manner, whether arising from or in relation to any breach of contract or any claim in tort (including negligence) or in equity or otherwise for any consequences resulting from your use of All4NaturalHealth.com.

Further, as a user of All4NaturalHealth.com, you agree to indemnify and hold All4NaturalHealth.com harmless from and against any and all claims, losses, liabilities and damages, including reasonable solicitor's fees, that may arise out of your use of All4NaturalHealth.com.

Should you need professional assistance, please consult a qualified physician or licensed health care practitioner.

Your use of All4NaturalHealth.com signifies your acceptance of the abovementioned terms of use.

Thank you for your kind understanding.

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The information provided on this website is not meant to diagnose, prevent, treat or cure any disease.
It is to be taken as suggestions or educational material and not to be considered professional advice.

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