Natural Health Information, Websites, Links & Other Resources

Useful natural health information as well as other health-related resources have been compiled here in's internal links & resources directory, for your reference and reading pleasure.

I have categorized these links & resources accordingly, as I see fit; however, please do note that the topics would usually overlap.

Please also note that the websites, videos, books, etc listed are external and independent resources. We do not in any way endorse or recommend all their views, opinions and recommendations, and cannot be responsible for them.

Alternative Health Websites & Links
"Alternative" simply means non-mainstream; it doesn't mean it's inferior or ineffective.

Exercise Websites & Links
The human body was made to move; regular exercise is thus critical for good health.

Green Websites & Links
Natural and green living protects Mother Earth and complements a healthy lifestyle.

Health Food Websites & Links
Learn more about health foods and healthy eating.

Herb Websites & Links
Herbs have powerful healing and medicinal properties, and are Nature's gift to us.

Holistic Links & Holistic Healing Sites
A holistic lifestyle takes care of mind, body, spirit and the environment.

Inspirational Websites & Links
Mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing are critical for physical health, and inspirational material can help give you a lift.

Natural Health Web Sites & Links
Natural health and healing is the only way to true and total excellent health and vitality.

Natural Remedies Links & Websites
Have a health ailment or condition? There are many natural remedies which could help.

Nutrition Websites & Links
Proper and optimal nutrition is the cornerstone to any health-promoting lifestyle.

Organic Blog, Websites, Books & Resources
Organic food is clean, more nutritious, promotes health, and in harmony with our bodies and the environment.

Supplements Websites & Links
Taking the right natural health supplements can help you beat ailments and greatly enhance your health.

Vegetarian Websites, Books, Videos & Resources
A vegetarian diet is healing and health-promoting.

Miscellaneous Natural Health Resources
More natural health information and resources for your reading pleasure.

Our Favorite Health Affiliate Programs
A few of our favorite health affiliate programs are discussed.

More natural health information will be made available.

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