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Today, more and more people are turning to natural health supplements for answers to their health issues and needs. One large reason for this is the realization of the shortcomings of chemical medicine and surgical intervention. Another is the desire to improve overall health and protect ourselves against disease.

Why supplements?

These are affluent times. Yet also very toxic times.

The air has less oxygen than it did before. And it is more polluted than ever. So are the waters.

Most of our food is processed and nutritionally deficient. And they contain all kinds of harmful additives, flavorings and preservatives.

Fruits and vegetables are mostly commercially farmed and contain pesticides and lesser nutrients than their organically grown counterparts. Even if we eat organic produce, they still probably do not contain as much nutrients as they previously did, due to the fact that our soils have been depleted by various man-driven activities.

Meat contains all kinds of drugs, hormones and parasites.

Worst still, we are coming in contact with more man-made and toxic chemicals than ever. These chemicals are not just in our air, water and food, they are also in our soaps, shampoos, toothpastes, detergents, perfumes, paints, dental fillings, and many other common substances.

And our lifestyles are more sedentary and stressful than our ancestors'. Our homes and offices are also filled with excessively unhealthy electromagnetic radiation from our electrical appliances.

I'm sure you can see how all these add up. Basically, our bodies are poisoned, bombarded and stretched more than ever by our diet, lifestyle and living environment.

Our bodies need help. They need help for detoxification, for cleansing, for healing, for rejuvenation, for nourishment, and for strengthening. In these areas, natural health supplements are a great help, for they can do what diet alone cannot.

Natural health remedies are the way to go

Natural health care products, if properly and responsibly formulated, rarely produce any side effects, and are much more effective than prescription drugs. Not only can they help prevent and promote healing from various health conditions and diseases, they can also promote overall wellbeing, assist in detoxification, increase energy levels as well as boost the immune system and other functions of the body.

Natural medicine, in the form of natural health supplements, is the best, and often only, solution to our health needs. However, this will only be true if we are able to find and use natural nutritional health supplements which are safe, of good quality and effective.

The health supplement industry has ballooned

Literally thousands of different types of natural health supplements have surfaced in the market in recent years.

Many manufacturers and salesmen say that their product is the best. Everyone has their own compilation of testimonials and satisfied customers. Everyone has their own list of "ten reasons to buy my product", or comparison charts showing how their product is superior to their competitors'.

Unfortunately, where there is money to be made, there will also be fraud and unethical producers and sellers.

Some supplements are derived from ingredients which had never even been human food before, some even from toxic raw materials.

Most come with all kinds of exaggerated health claims, while some natural health nutritional supplements are supposedly miracle cures. Natural health supplements are also not comprehensively regulated by any authority.

Choosing natural health supplements

So, then, how do we know we are choosing good health supplements? How do we pick from the large selection of health supplements out there? How do we know which companies are the best? If you feel overwhelmed and confused, trust me, most of us do too!

Let's start with some basics. Do not just read the headings and health claims of natural health products. Learn to be meticulous at reading labels.

Check out the types and amounts of ingredients used in the natural health supplements you are considering. Who is the manufacturer? You may want to check out their website. Also, what is the expiration date of the product?

The following are some of my thoughts when it comes to the type of natural health supplements which I choose.

Carry out the due diligence when choosing natural health supplements. It is necessary to evaluate the situation properly before purchasing health supplements.

Importantly, read everything with a pinch of salt. Keep in the mind the fact that nobody knows everything, and, chances are, nobody, especially people who are trying to sell you something (anything, not just health supplements), is telling you the full truth. Do your research, and use your common sense, intuition and personal judgment.

Not only is your hard-earned money on the line, but, more importantly, you are putting these substances into your body, and your health is at stake! If we are unwilling to put petrol and engine oil of unknown origin and quality into our cars, why should we be willing to put dubious substances into our precious bodies?

At best, if you choose an ineffective supplement, you could just be producing very expensive urine. But at worst, if you choose one that is not safe, you would be doing harm to your body. The last thing you would want is for your chosen 'supplements for good health' to turn into 'supplements for ill health'!

Conclusion - a reminder about supplements

Health supplements are named as such for a reason - they are meant to supplement other health-promoting efforts, and not replace them. Your dietary and lifestyle habits must still form the foundation for good health. If you are eating a load of supplements but also jamming your body with lots of junk food, you are limiting the potential of these health foods.

On the other hand, if you combine powerful and effective natural health supplements with a clean, wholesome and nutritious diet and a health-promoting lifestyle, your health can literally soar to new levels!

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Share YOUR Knowledge and Experiences on Natural Health Supplements

Do you have any thoughts, experiences, knowledge and information on natural health supplements which would be useful to our other readers? These could include topics such as why it is important to take all natural health supplements, the benefits of choosing whole food supplements, vitamin supplements, herbal supplements made using herbs, how to spot quality natural supplements, cheap supplements, and more. We invite you to share your natural health knowledge and experiences on natural health supplements here.

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