All Natural Health Supplements are much safer and more effective than man-made and artificial substances

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On this page, I explain why I only use all natural health supplements.

If you are looking to purchase natural health supplements of good quality, click here for what, in my view, are a few reliable online sources of effective health supplements.


I always, without fail, go for health supplements which only use natural ingredients, primarily because I believe in Nature's medicine. I, like many others, believe that Nature provides for every health need and issues of animals on Earth.

Going for all natural ingredients

Do you know that many of the health supplements in today's market are made from man-made, artificial and synthetic chemicals and substances which cannot be properly absorbed and used by the human body?

Worst still, many of them are made from disgusting substances, such as cheap by-products of industrial waste and even, get this - sewage sludge! Instead of helping your body, think of the harm these supplements can do to it!

You most definitely don't want to harm your body (using health supplements, how ironic...). And you will want to make sure that the health products you are consuming are in a form which the human body can recognize, absorb and assimilate, and then use. This is where all natural health supplements reign supreme.

In addition, as compared to isolated compounds (for example, Vitamin C tablets or Zinc capsules), natural foods contain many health-promoting substances which Man has yet to discover and study.

Go organic

Of course, 'natural' does not always mean safe, clean or good for us. After all, animal dung is also 'natural', yet I don't think it would do us any good to eat it! So seeking an all natural dietary supplement or all natural health products is not, on its own, a sufficient step to take.

By going for organically grown ingredients, you would be avoiding consuming genetically modified products, pesticides, chemical fertilizers and other harmful substances which are not good for your body at all.

Avoiding animal products

Personally, in picking all natural health supplements, I would also go for vegetarian supplements. This is in order to avoid animal products as their tissues are often contaminated with various harmful chemicals, such as such hormones and steroids.

Other ingredients

I would also look out for additional ingredients, additives and fillers such as starch, sugar, gluten and silica. The less of these substances, the better.

If you haven't already done so, click here to read some of my thoughts on how to seek out quality natural supplements which are more likely to be safe and effective.

Click here for links to, in my opinion, reliable online sources of safe, high quality and effective natural health supplements, including herbal supplements.

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