The Ginkgo Tree - History and some Facts

What is ginkgo biloba? This article discusses some interesting ginkgo tree facts, including details of its history.

Ginkgo biloba trees are said to be the most valuable and tenuous link between the present and remote past. If one were to strictly go by definitions in evolutionary terms, then the term "living fossil" would adequately describe the ginkgo since it is known to be the oldest living seed plant and its existence can be traced back to the Mesozoic era and the Triassic period. The ginkgo has existed for over 2 million years.

Ginkgo, with the botanical name of ginkgo biloba, is also known as Maidenhair tree. For a long time in history, it was thought to be extinct in the wild, but is now known to grow in two areas in Eastern China. Presently, ginkgo biloba trees are cultivated and do not exist anywhere in the wild state (except in the Chinese provinces mentioned).

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A note about The Ginkgo Biloba Tree - History and some Facts

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Even in China, since research has shown that there is a genetic uniformity to the ginkgo trees found there, they thus cannot be of natural origin. Theories exist that Chinese monks who knew its value as a powerful medicinal herb, have planted it hundreds of years ago, in an attempt to preserve the ginkgo for posterity.

Ginkgo has been used extensively for centuries as an effective treatment for circulatory disorders and to enhance memory.

Besides being known as Maidenhair Tree, the ginkgo tree is also known as Kew tree, and Japanese silver apricot. The ginkgo biloba tree is a unique species of tree with no close existing relatives in the present time. Hence, it is the best example of a living fossil and is a valuable link between current times and the pre-historic past.

Individual ginkgo trees have life-spans exceeding 3000 years. These trees grow up to heights of 20 - 35m, with some unique specimens towering up to incredible heights of 50m!

The ginkgo biloba tree, due to its unique structural design with angular crown, erratic branches and deep roots, has an inborn insulation to wind and snow damage. The crown becomes wider as the tree ages. In autumn, one will find the ginkgo hard to miss, when the leaves turn a radiant yellow, and fall off within a short span of 15 days.

Broadly speaking, the hardiness, long life-spans that run into a couple of thousand years at the very least, and survival qualities of the ginkgo may be attributed to its resistance to disease, insect-resistant wood and the ability to form aerial roots and sprouts.

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