Believing There Aren't Incurable Diseases

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Natural Health Principle No. 9

Many health ailments and conditions today are branded as incurable diseases. Natural health and healing does not agree.

Natural health believes in the innate and powerful ability of the human body to restore itself to optimal health. This is a very bold assertion.

And it is very different from the beliefs of conventional medicine, which declares many, many diseases as incurable and having to be managed or controlled using drugs or surgery.

I definitely don't want to give false hope to seriously ill people. The truth is, both sides of the argument are correct - it just depends on how we define the terms.

1st definition of "cure" - a magic bullet

If we are looking for a magic bullet, a specific substance or chemical which would wipe cancer, liver disease, kidney disease, heart disease or lupus away, without having to change one's lifestyle in any way, then I'm sorry, conventional medicine is right - there is no cure for such diseases, and they are thus very much "incurable diseases".

The much desired magic bullet is never going to happen - you destroy your life with years of horrible eating and living habits and you expect a pill to solve your problem? GET REAL!

2nd definition of "cure" - the body healing itself

Most chronic degenerative conditions have multiple causes. Thus, when one's eating and living habits are addressed in a holistic manner using multiple strategies and changes, the disease-causing conditions are reversed and a health-promoting environment is provided, one's body can then exercise the blueprint it has for perfect health, and be restored to a state of wellbeing.

This applies even to serious diseases like cancer. Of course, there must be still enough time for recovery to take place (i.e. a person is not hours away from death). This is the wonder of Man's immune system, something which we don't really know or understand very well yet.

With enough time and the right conditions, our bodies can wipe out any so-called "incurable disease".

The body can heal itself of anything!

Think about it, even though we bombard our bodies with all kinds of chemicals, toxins and stress on a daily basis, it takes years, decades, for a serious condition like cancer or heart disease to surface.

A person exposed to toxic radiation from a nuclear plant takes years, even decades, to develop cancer or to have deformed children.

Can you imagine how powerful our immune systems are, and how much they can adapt to changing conditions? Our bodies have adapted slowly to the contamination, but sooner or later, it gives way, and diseases develop. To reverse the situation, and restore our health, we just need to give our immune system some help, perhaps intensively.

Believe in your body!

Now, if the body can heal itself of anything, it then follows that THERE ARE NO INCURABLE DISEASES.

Therefore, while there is no cure per se for many diseases, i.e. no SINGLE magic bullet, all these diseases can actually be cured by the body itself, when one helps it using a natural and holistic approach!

Thus, there do exist treatments for incurable diseases, or rather, diseases conventionally branded as such.

Natural Health Principle No. 9

The ninth of the natural health principles is the belief that the body can heal itself of anything, and there are therefore no incurable diseases. This fact has been proven again and again by thousands of people worldwide who were declared terminally ill but went on to live long, healthy lives.

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