Achieving True & Ultimate Healing

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Natural Health Principle No. 1

Natural health and healing seeks to achieve true and ultimate healing.

When you cut yourself, no matter how hard you try to sew or patch the wound up, it will never heal unless the body cooperates; in other words, the body, and ONLY the body, knows how to and can heal itself.

If one has a clogged heart artery and undergoes bypass surgery, whereby his old artery is replaced with, say, a vein from his leg, no real healing has taken place. In fact, the danger is that that person probably has many other arteries in his body which are on the verge of being clogged up.

If, thinking he has a new lease of life, the person does not change his living and dietary habits and continues his previous ways, chances are, he will suffer a similar-type disease again in the future.

If one's body is low on a certain hormone, taking that hormone in the form of a drug or a pill does not solve or heal the underlying condition - the real problem is that a certain organ is not functioning at its best, and it needs one's help. In fact, consuming that hormone might, over time, cause that particular organ to produce even less of that hormone.

If one has a tumor which is surgically removed, a symptom has been removed, but no true and ultimate healing has taken place, either, because the conditions which led to the growth of the tumor are still in existence, and will probably lead to the development of a new tumor in due course.

If one suffers kidney failure and has the organ removed, inner healing has definitely not taken place. The kidney is gone!

Thus, when we talk about healing, we are speaking about restoring the body to a state of health, usually over a period of time, as supposed to a quick fix or hurried repair job.

Natural Health Principle No. 1

The first, and perhaps most important, of the natural health principles is that true and ultimate healing must taken place from within, carried out by the body itself.

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