How Holistic Healing Works - applying the methods, sometimes without knowing how

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Natural Health Principle No. 8

Natural health and healing is not overly concerned with how holistic healing works, as long as the principles and methods behind it are properly applied and the positive results follow.

Modern science and medicine, as well as modern man, almost always wants to know HOW things work. This applies even beyond healthcare.

Thus, to prove something works, there must be carefully designed scientific experiments and double-blind studies.

Why natural health and healing is not always proven

In my opinion, we have gone overboard with our need for "scientific" proof or knowledge.

Why? Firstly, many things in life are just based on simple common sense. Some cannot be proven, while for many, there is no need to prove anything.

Do you need scientific proof to tell you that having a lifetime partner is better than being alone, before deciding to get married? Do you need science to tell you that it is better and more fun to laugh than to cry? Or do you need research to prove that sleep is nice and restful? Or that love feels good? I highly doubt so.

For centuries, even millennia, Man has been reaping the effects of traditional healing methods, without always knowing exactly how holistic healing works.

As with elsewhere on this website, I again bring up the example of planting trees. We don't need to know how a seed turns into a tree. We just need to make sure the right conditions (e.g. sunlight, water, etc) are in place, sow the seed, and the Nature or God-designed processes would take over.

That's pretty much exactly how holistic healing works.

And that one seed can one day become millions of seeds! But we need to sow that seed.

We would also know that no tree would appear if we tried to plant the wrong things, for example a flower, a twig, a pill, or a french fry.

So much about creating good health is similar - we just need to sow the seeds, and then allow the tree to flourish.

Also, much of science and conventional medicine as we know today is profit-driven. And many things in life, and specifically in healthcare, are just not profitable to prove. So nobody goes out to prove them.

In addition, many of natural health's methods are not evaluated or cannot be evaluated because a person often has to make holistic changes to his or her diet and lifestyle.

This is very unlike conventional medicine, which often tries to find a specific substance which, on its own, is the magic bullet and cures or controls a particular disease. Such magic bullets rarely exist.

That's not how holistic healing works - holistic medicine and healing comes as a whole package. It is thus difficult, and probably impossible, to zoom in and give the scientific proof on natural health methods which many people desire.

Tradition and age-old wisdom have passed down the essence of how holistic healing works

One critical point to note is that much of natural health and healing is based on knowledge and information which has been around and carried down for hundreds or thousands of years. This had been obtained through years and years of experimentation, practice and documentation. That forms the core essence of traditional healing methods.

Just because the information handed down is not presented in the exact way that modern science and medicine demand "scientific" information, studies or research to be, does not mean that all this knowledge has suddenly become passé and can be wiped out and declared as old wives' tales or quackery.

After all, modern science and medicine as we know today has only been around for a couple of centuries, while "science" is also very much defined by Man.

And, neither can Man declare all the past information as unproven or useless just because we have supposedly become more advanced and intelligent.

Has the human body suddenly become greatly different? Has Man become so clever that man-made drugs and methods are now better than the natural methods, foods, herbs and elements (e.g. sunshine) which God or Mother Nature (whichever you prefer to put here) has put in place for us? Definitely not.

In fact, human beings know very, very little of how the human body actually works and what goes on in there, so it is very difficult to try and isolate specific substances and causes and link them to their effects, or to try to totally understand how holistic healing works, or to grasp how certain processes in the body work.

Truth is, natural health and healing is becoming more 'scientific' in its evidence too

Recently, in natural health and healing, controlled studies, particularly outcomes studies, are increasingly being used to evaluate effectiveness.

However, we must realize that it is impossible to design and execute a perfectly controlled experiment; for one thing, how is it possible to hold so many other factors constant?

More significant, though, is the observation of the healing process through time by naturopathic or holistic healers, in order to better understand it.

Yes, natural health healers and practitioners observe their patients closely to better understand how holistic healing works.

Safety of natural health and healing modalities

In my mind, the safety and efficacy of many natural health and healing approaches have been proven through many generations of wide use by various populations of the world.

Further living proof is also offered by the thousands of people worldwide who have been cured of supposedly incurable or terminal conditions, and those who are enjoying their new-found healthy lives.

These, to me, are better proof than any results presented by present-day scientific studies.

Natural Health Principle No. 8

The eighth of the natural health principles, is the application of what is known to work to achieve the best results, without always needing to know HOW holistic healing works.

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