Taking Personal Responsibility for Health

by Webmaster, All4NaturalHealth.com

Natural Health Principle No. 10

It is absolutely necessary for one to take personal responsibility for health to harness the full benefits of natural health and healing

You have to realize that nobody owns your state of health, and nobody has a larger stake in it, like you do.

Experiences with conventional medicine

How long do you have to wait for your appointment with your medical doctor, especially when it comes to specialists? How long does he spend talking with you and understanding your background and condition?

How interested does he sound? Is he caring? Is he sympathetic towards your pain and suffering? Or does he sometimes ignore you or say your pain is "all in your head" or all down to stress?

Does he seem like he knows how to treat and cure your condition? What solutions does he have to offer? Does it always revolve around drugs?

How many years have you been popping drugs and pills? Are you cured of your chronic condition? Or does it get worse? Are you paying a bomb for your medical consultation and medication?

Is your medical doctor arrogant and insist on you taking his prescribed drugs or treatment? Does he denounce everything outside his medical education as "unscientific", "unproven", "ineffective", "useless", "old wives' tales" and / or "quackery"?

Are your visits to the doctor an educational experience? Are you frustrated with him? Do you learn how to take care of your body, how to be a healthier person? Does it work? Do you feel any better, any healthier, at all?

Your current state of health - who has to bear the discomfort, the pain, the suffering, the mental and emotional anguish? Who is the one who has to live with these every single day? Is it your medical doctor, your specialist, your family or friends who insist you do this or do that or see this doctor or take that drug?

If you die prematurely, who has to live with the consequences? Whose God-given right is it to be healthy?

Importantly, do you feel helpless?

Taking personal responsibility for health is a key step to take for better health

The above questions are asked to drum home the importance of TAKING PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY FOR HEALTH, and even for other areas in life.

The reality is that medical doctors, although accorded a lot of prestige and authority in modern society, are not as intelligent or knowledgeable as most of us think they are. They are very well-trained in disease management and control, but often know very little about health itself.

And statistics show that medical doctors in the United States live much shorter lives than the average American; this is a significant statistic - how much should you trust a car mechanic whose own car is in horrible shape?

Many of us also live our lives in fulfillment of others' expectations. This includes the food we eat and the lifestyle choices we make.

But remember that this is YOUR LIFE, given to you by God. I invite you to banish the external pressures and the helplessness, and begin to take charge of your health. Undertake the exciting educational experience and journey of natural health and healing.

Learn to work with and help your body heal itself. Stop being passive and start being active - start being the active healer for your own body!

Of course, taking personal responsibility for health involves a certain degree of trial and error and experimentation, within reasonable limits. After all, there isn't a one-size-fits-all solution to everything, and you are the one who knows your body the best.

But please do realize that taking individual responsibility for health does NOT mean doing it all on your own, with no proper basis or method. It is always advisable to seek the advice and opinions of naturopathic doctors, herbalists, nutritionists, medical doctors who embrace natural health modalities, as well as other like-minded people; it is also definitely necessary to read up and learn as much as one can about natural health.

A pinch of salt

Yes, the volume of information out there can make things confusing. In fact, many experts disagree on things. I can tell you, sometimes, the more I read, the more confused I get. What is good, what is not? What to eat, what not to eat?

Here, let me point out to you the importance of taking everything you read, hear or find out about with a pinch of salt. Nobody knows everything, and bear in mind that everyone would be biased.

Thus, nobody - doctors and naturopaths included - and especially not those who are trying to sell you a product, would be telling you the full truth. Don't even believe everything that i tell you! Do your own research, and use your common sense, intuition and personal judgment.

Take charge!

The crucial thing here is to learn to TAKE CHARGE, and then listen to what your body tells you. LISTEN TO YOUR BODY! It is the best gauge of your state of health.

In taking personal responsibility for health, it means not following the instructions of others blindly, but for you, and only you, to ultimately make the decisions and choices for yourself.

Yes, taking personal responsibility does come with some risk. But, what doesn't? Going to a doctor does, too. This is the body given to you, so who better to be accountable for it than yourself?

But of course, do your homework - read, ask, speak to people, try, etc.

Natural Health Principle No. 10

Embrace the tenth of the natural health principles, which is to TAKE PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY for health - your own health. This must be one of the most important of the natural health principles.

Look around you. The healthiest people in this world are almost always those who take responsibility for their own health, and live lives which are markedly different from the majority. Join the thousands of them worldwide who have bucked the mainstream trend - many of them have survived supposed terminal illness, and most are extremely healthy and happy with their new lives.

And if you have already been termed as "terminal", don't believe it! Believe, instead, in the wonderful healing capability of your God-given body. And then get to work on changing your life.

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