What is Natural Health? - Let's Define It!

by Webmaster, All4NaturalHealth.com

What is natural health? We want to increase natural health awareness. But perhaps we first need to define the term "natural health".

In my opinion, health MUST be attained through natural means. In other words, health IS natural. Unnatural, chemical and invasive methods, such as drugs and surgery, are ways to MANAGE DISEASE - they don't and CAN'T make you healthy. EVER.

In tackling the question "what is natural health?", it is inevitable to arrive at the question of what is natural in the first place.

Examining "What is Natural Health?" -- The Apple Analogy

For example, if I pluck an organically grown apple off a tree and ate it raw and fresh -- that would be very natural. If the apple had been genetically modified to make it bigger, redder and sweeter, I wouldn't consider it natural anymore. And if someone took the apple, processed it, added artificial flavoring and chemical preservatives, and then made it into a snack -- that's not natural either. At the other extreme, if someone had gone into a lab and formulated an apple-like drink using purely chemicals and man-made artificial substances -- that would definitely not be natural.

But what if I took the organically grown apples and put them through a juicer to produce a glass of delicious organic apple juice? Is that still considered natural? After all, the juice did not naturally come in that form, and a juicer is a man-made electrical device.

Similarly, taking some herbs, drying them, grinding them to powder, and then putting them into little capsules -- is that natural too?

Bouncing on a mini-trampoline as a form of exercise -- how natural is that? Trampolines don't exist in nature.

Or, acupuncture -- using needles to stimulate and improve blood and energy flow -- is that natural? After all, needles are man-made.

The list of such examples could go on. Thus, in answering the questions "what is natural health?" and what is natural in the first place, it is clear to me that we have to be flexible and extend our definition beyond just what exists naturally on earth without human intervention. We have to expand our scope.

What IS Natural Health? - A Proposed Definition

Attaining good health and overcoming diseases using various ways and means, including foods, herbs, supplements, methods, protocols, therapies and treatments, which generally follow the basic steps of

  • detoxifying the body;
  • providing right and effective nutrition to the body;
  • getting the body's various systems (e.g. blood, lymph, eliminative organs) circulating, moving and working properly;
  • strengthening the body's immune system;
  • dealing with emotional or spiritual issues (e.g. grief); and
  • having a positive attitude.
Now, if you realise, by following the above broad steps, we can actually obtain a basic natural guide to health, an overall health plan.

Comparing with Conventional Medicine and Common Opinion

Note that conventional medicine and what is commonly done by most people often do NOT achieve the above. For example, when you have a headache and fever and you a pop an aspirin, you are

  • putting a poisonous substance into your body -- most drugs are toxic and cause our organs, especially the liver, to work harder;
  • not at all providing any form of nutrition to the body in helping it to function better;
  • not improving the function of your body's systems. In fact, the aspirin suppresses the fever, which is your body's immune response to try and destroy the foreign invader (e.g. a virus) it had spotted. You are thus in fact helping the virus! Further, your body's eliminative organs have to work harder to get rid of the toxic drug;
  • going against your body's immune system, which would then weaken it in the long run;
  • doing nothing to resolve any possible underlying emotional or spiritual issues which could be causing or contributing to the headache ; and
  • doing little or nothing for your mental state of health.

Often, these violations apply to many other situations as well, for example taking syrups, vaccinations and surgeries. In looking at "what is natural health", it is clear that conventional medicine / common opinion goes against the body's natural way of functioning.


So, what is natural health?

The answer is simple -- to be truly healthy, one MUST go natural. And, by following the natural health way and taking the said steps, one will one day be able to attain super natural health!

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