Trying to unearth Natural Health Secrets?

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Are you searching for natural health secrets? Perhaps you are looking for a cure for a long-time ailment, or the key to the door to super natural health, or maybe you are disillusioned with drugs and medical intervention.

The term "secrets" brings with it a certain allure and mystique, as though there are some long-hidden treasures to be dug and found. This is true to a certain extent, in that many of them indeed have histories of hundreds, if not thousands, of years.

In reality, many of these so-called secrets are actually quite simple, some relying on little more than common sense. Many of these methods have been known, documented and / or used for a long time.

In a sense, these natural health methods are not "secrets" per se, as many people have already used or are using some or all of these natural ways to attain natural wellness and health, and some to attain super natural health. Many even use these natural methods and principles to recover (yes, recover!) from serious and supposedly incurable diseases. However, while simple, these changes take dedication and perseverance.

Broadly speaking, I view natural health as having two main aims -- the first a more general one, i.e. the attainment of good health; and the second a more specific one, i.e. the tackling of particular ailments, diseases and conditions.

Both these aims can be achieved via two main elements, i.e. a series of natural and good health habits , as well as the use of specific natural health protocols, methods and remedies (some people call them natural health cures).

To facilitate your search for your natural health solution, information for both aims are contained on this site.

Firstly, I have compiled a list of Good Health Habits for obtaining general / overall good health. This section contains information particularly important as the foundation of natural good health, because it is IMPOSSIBLE to divorce natural health and lifestyle!

There is also a section on achieving good function for specific organs and body systems as well as on tackling specific ailments, diseases or conditions.

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