How to Grow Lavender Plants - Basic Growing Tips

This article very briefly discusses some tips on how to grow lavender plants.

Growing lavender is said to be a relatively simple task when compared to many other herbs and plants.

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A note about How to Grow Lavender Plants - Basic Growing Tips

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Basically, it is said that the lavender herb is easy to grow and one does not need the expertise of being a horticulturist to grow this perennial herb in one's own kitchen garden.

Basic Growing Tips Lavender Plant

  • To start with, lavender grows best in full sunlight.

  • A point to take note of when growing lavender plants is that they do well in most soils, but a well drained soil is a must.

  • Lavender plants are tolerant of droughts.

  • Another important consideration of how to grow lavender properly is that they require space to grow in and spread, so a spot that allows the lavender plants to do that is important.

  • It is best to plant healthy cuttings, much before the frost sets in.

  • Lavender plants need to be pruned in spring and autumn, and a general purpose fertilizer needs to be added once or twice a season.

  • There are also those varieties of lavender plants that would not survive harsh winter temperatures, and this is a criterion to consider at the time of choosing cuttings for cultivation.

  • Two important rules of thumb to keep in mind while growing lavender plants is that the soil needs to be alkaline, and that lavender plants require lots of sunlight.

  • The plant blooms from May to September.

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