Jason Winters Tea - the story and health benefits

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The story of how Jason Winters Tea was first formulated is an intriguing one.

Struck by terminal cancer

In 1977, Sir Jason Winters was stricken with terminal cancer. A malignant tumor the size of a grapefruit was attached to the anterior jugular vein in his neck. Officially, the diagnosis was 'massive infiltrating squamous cell carcinoma with branchial cyst origin'.

He underwent massive cobalt radiation treatment, but it did not work, and his weight plunged by about 80 pounds. The doctors said he had to undergo radical neck surgery, removing neck muscles, his voice box, his jawbone and his tongue. And this procedure was not to prolong his life, but to give him a supposedly easier death.

He refused surgery and turned to Laetrile. It worked at first, his tumor shrinking away. But then it came back. And, despite sticking to a strict diet, taking high doses of vitamins and increasing his dosage of Laetrile, his tumor came back in full force.

Finding out about herbs for medicine and blood purification

As he prepared to die, he purchased and read various religious texts, and was struck by the repeated mention of using herbs as medicine. It's in the bible, Buddha mentioned it, and Krishna also mentioned it. Further, he discovered that various cultures - the North American Indians, the gypsies in Europe, the aborigines, as well as the Hunzas - all used herbs for medicine.

Sir Jason Winters then went on to discover and obtain 3 kinds of herbs used for blood purification, native to 3 different continents. He found out about a herb used in Asia, which was mentioned by Buddha, called herbalene, and he managed to obtain it from an old lady in Singapore.

In Arizona, he got hold of chaparral, which many Indians, especially the Mexican Indians, had taken as a health drink. Finally, by a sheer stroke of fortune, he managed to speak to the Archbishop of Canterbury, who told him that the herb mentioned in the bible several times for blood purification was red clover, and he got some of that too.

Accidental discovery

He brewed and drank each of the 3 herbal teas, but his condition did not improve. One morning, too weak to continue making 3 different kinds of tea, and almost in desperation as he felt his condition deteriorating and spirit sapping, he mixed the 3 herbs together to make a single tea.

According to Sir Jason Winters, he could feel something special with the first mouthful of the tea. He felt strength returning to his body, and when his family members saw him later that day, they could see and sense his excitement and hope.

Without knowing how little or how much of the tea to drink, Sir Jason drank a gallon of it daily. His tumor began to shrink, and it was gone in weeks (I have realized that different sources put a different timeframe to this - it's either 3 weeks or 9 weeks - but it's most likely the latter. In any case, it was still a miraculous recovery).

He returned home and the cancer clinic, after tests, gave him a clean bill of health.

Thereafter, Sir Jason Winters' story was publicized in the media and many people came to know about Jason Winters Tea. Sir Jason began to import the ingredients of the tea to help thousands of people with health problems, including cancer.

So, is Jason Winters Tea a cure for cancer?

After Sir Jason's recovery, Dr Ian Pierce, who was according to Sir Jason England's top oncologist at the time, contacted him and asked to take a look at him. Dr Pierce flew over from England and examined Sir Jason, including conducting blood tests, and could not find anything wrong with him.

Dr Pierce then took a few pounds of the herbs and tested them in his laboratory. He found that Jason Winters Tea did not at all have any direct curative effect on illness and cancer i.e. it does not cure cancer per se. Yet, Sir Jason was cured of a very serious and late-stage cancerous condition!

Dr Pierce said that the tea actually worked by purifying Sir Jason's blood, after which his body was able to heal itself.

Now, God places certain herbs on each continent for this purpose. However, due to the fact that our diet, lifestyle and environment today is a lot more toxic and polluted than hundreds or thousands of years ago, the 3 herbs on their own were not able to help Sir Jason, and only by combining them did he obtain the required effect.

The synergistic power of the herb mixture

Sir Jason was apparently the first person in the world to mix the 3 herbs from the different continents together.

And Dr Ian Pierce's scientists had discovered that herbalene acted as a catalyst which made the therapeutic effects of chaparral and red clover an amazing 27 times stronger!

Conclusion - My personal experience with Jason Winters Tea

Sir Jason Winters says that life is in the blood, and once the blood is purified, then a person's immune system will be able to take over and remove disease.

Personally, before finding out about Jason Winters Tea, I had never heard of herbalene. Chaparral and red clover, however, are very famous and popular blood cleansing herbs which are part of many other powerful herbal formulas.

Jason Winters Tea is extremely easy to prepare and I drink it regularly. In fact, on some days, I even go as high as a gallon. It is a truly refreshing beverage. It increases my energy levels and clears my head. I have not experienced any side effects with its use, except frequent urination (if that counts).

If you are experiencing a health problem, want to detoxify your body, or just want to feel better, I recommend that you give Jason Winters Tea a try.

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