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Wheat grass juice is extracted from wheat grass. At the early stage of their growth, wheat is closer in composition to vegetables than grains, hence the name 'wheat grass'. This concept is similar to that of barley grass powder . There is said to be very little nutritional difference between wheat grass and barley grass.

As they grow, the nutrient content of young cereal grasses change rapidly. The nutrient concentration - vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids, chlorophyll - deteriorate significantly.

In its young state, however, wheat grass is truly nutritionally potent, and it is one of nature's superfoods. Wheat grass juice thus contains power-packed nutrition and healing properties in a concentrated and easily assimilated form. It can be ingested or used as a colon implant, with no toxic side effects.

Of course, for the best effects, always use organic wheat grass.

Some of the following information has been taken from "The Wheatgrass Book", written by Ann Wigmore.

Summary of the benefits of wheat grass

Wheatgrass juice is very easily digested by the body - as quickly as a matter of minutes. It is a strong detoxifier, cleansing the blood and also strengthening the immune system. In addition, wheat grass is a highly 'concentrated' nutritious whole food and a powerful healing agent. One ounce of wheat grass juice apparently has the equivalent nutrient content of two pounds (or even more) of green leafy vegetables.

When one consumes it regularly, one may feel stronger, more energetic, healthier, with a better sense of wellbeing.

What wheat grass juice contains

Wheat grass contains:

  • high amounts of enzymes, for example protease, amylase, lipase, etc
  • high amounts of magnesium
  • high amounts of oxygen - poorly oxygenated cells and tissues succumb easily to degenerative diseases
  • essential amino acids such as alanine, glutamic acid, serine, etc
  • minerals such as calcium and iron
  • vitamins such as vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin E
  • vitamin B17
  • over 100 elements needed by man; if grown in organic soil, it absorbs 98 of the 102 known minerals.

    Wheat grass is also one of the best sources of living chlorophyll - an estimated 70% of its content is chlorophyll. Chlorophyll has the following benefits and effects:

  • It is the basis of all plant life, playing a critical role in photosynthesis.
  • It is the first product of light, containing more light energy than any other element.
  • It is anti-bacterial, stopping the development and growth of harmful bacteria. It can be used inside the body as well as topically as a healing agent.
  • It rebuilds the blood. Chlorophyll is very similar in structure to blood hemoglobin.
  • Liquid chlorophyll gets into the bodily tissues, rejuvenating and rebuilding them.
  • It alleviates blood sugar problems.
  • It neutralizes toxins in the body.
  • It helps to purify the liver.
  • Liquid chlorophyll washes drug deposits from the body.

    Besides its tangible nutritional content, in its young and sprouting state, wheat grass is said to contain high levels of 'life energy'. This same life energy is actually abundant in most raw and fresh foods such as fruits, vegetables, seeds and nuts. However, today, it can be days, weeks, or even months before such foods are consumed after their initial harvesting, due to the time taken for storage, export, delivery, etc.

    This life energy is one reason why raw plant food is necessary for vibrant health. If we juice freshly harvested wheat grass and then drink it quickly, we would be consuming large amounts of this energy. It is something unquantifiable and can do wonders for our health!

    What wheat grass juice can do

  • Wheat grass juice enhances the blood capillaries, thereby reducing high blood pressure.
  • It improves blood formation.
  • It is useful as a body deodorant.
  • It is good for keeping the bowels moving, and helps alleviate constipation.
  • It can help to improve eye health.
  • It is a good skin cleanser, helping to maintain shine on it.

    Conditions which may be helped or alleviated

  • Wheat grass juice helps to cure acne and even remove its scars, if ingested for a sustained period of 8 months or so.
  • Wheat grass juice helps against various blood disorders.
  • Wheat grass juice improves digestion.
  • Wheat grass juice works against hair graying.
  • It is helpful in strengthening immunity.
  • It has been used to restore fertility in sterile bulls and cows.
  • It can help to relieve inflammation in the body.
  • It helps with skin problems and disorders like eczema and psoriasis.
  • It is good for a sore throat when gargled.
  • Ingesting small amounts of wheat grass juice can help prevent tooth decay.
  • If held in the mouth for 5 minutes, it can alleviate toothaches.

    Detoxification and cleansing properties

  • It helps in removing toxic heavy metals from the body.
  • Wheat grass enemas are sometimes used to detoxify and heal the colon.
  • Wheat grass juice apparently helps carry out better detoxification of the body than other fruits and vegetables, even compared to carrot juice, which is itself a strong detoxifier.

    What experts have said and used it for

    Ann Wigmore

    For over 30 years, Dr. Ann Wigmore used wheat grass to help many people get well from chronic disorders.

    Benjamin Cruskin

    Also, published in the American Journal of Surgery in the 1940s, Dr Benjamin Cruskin, MD, said that chlorophyll can help:

  • clear up foul-smelling odors
  • neutralize strep infections
  • heal wounds
  • hasten skin grafting
  • cure chronic sinusitis
  • overcome chronic inner-ear inflammation and infections
  • reduce varicose veins and heal leg ulcers
  • eliminate impetigo and other scabby eruptions
  • heal rectal sores
  • successfully treat inflammation of the uterine cervix
  • get rid of parasitic vaginal infections
  • reduce typhoid fever
  • cure advanced pyorrhea in many cases

    Max Bircher

    In addition, Dr. Max Bircher, a research scientist, the inventor of muesli, as well as the founder of the Bircher-Benner Clinic in Zurich, Switzerland, called chlorophyll "concentrated sun power".

    He said that "chlorophyll increases the function of the heart, affects the vascular system, the intestines, the uterus, and the lungs.... It is therefore a tonic which, considering its stimulating properties, cannot be compared with any other".

    Dr. Bircher added that nature uses chlorophyll as a body cleanser, rebuilder as well as neutralizer of toxins.

    Common ways to consume wheat grass

    By far the best way to obtain the full health benefits of wheat grass, especially the live enzymes, is to juice it yourself and then drink it within minutes.

    You can also purchase it from organic juice bars. Some sell wheat grass shots, in a similar way that some types of alcohol are served in shot glasses.

    I have located an organic juice stall in my area which freshly presses organic fruits and vegetables and then seals the containers air-tights. I drink the wheat grass juice several hours later. I'm not sure if the enzymes are retained, though the drink still tastes pretty fresh.

    Another way is to purchase a bottle of wheat grass powder. Often, the manufacturing process retains most the nutrients and even some of the enzymes. The powder can be mixed with raw juices or water. This is a convenient method and the one which I use most often.

    Consuming wheat grass tablets (for example wheat grass 500 mg tablets) and capsules is probably the most convenient manner of getting it down. Again, most of the nutrients are probably retained, though not the enzymes. For me, I much prefer taking the powders to swallowing pills.

    Warnings regarding consuming wheat grass juice

    The detoxification effects of wheat grass, especially the raw juice form, are very strong. You may thus experience initial detoxification reactions such as headache or slight nausea. It should go away after a while. Because of this, it is thus also advisable for you to first start with a small dosage, perhaps a shot-glass worth or even less, and slowly work your way up if you do not experience any severe reactions.

    Another 'warning' with regard to drinking this juice is its taste - it has a very strong 'grassy taste' and may take some getting used to. It's certainly an acquired taste, one which I have grown to like (not 'love', but okay with it).

    If you find its taste too strong, then mix it with other juices for a more palatable combination. Try mixing it with lime or lemon juice - it gives an interestingly refreshing taste!


    Wheat grass juice has a wide range of health benefits. It even has a good record of helping people recover from very serious health conditions, including cancer. Thus, if you have a health problem, you may want to consider giving it a try. And even if you don't have any health issues, you may still want to consume it for health-boosting purposes. Only by trying it will you know if it works for you.

    If you can spare the time and effort, you may also want to consider growing and harvesting your own wheat grass. It adds to the fun of the whole health journey and process! It is certainly something which I will be trying out soon. And, not to mention, the raw juice form of wheat grass is definitely the most nutritious way to consume it.

    I hope you enjoy the juice one of nature's powerful superfoods.

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