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could candida yeast overgrowth be causing your health problems?
September 04, 2009

ALL 4 NATURAL HEALTH Attaining Good Health Naturally

Issue 09/027


Do you get frequent headaches? Do you suffer from flatulence, tummy aches and other digestive troubles? Does your mind feel like it is constantly clouded by a "fog", which hampers your ability to think straight or recall things? Do you have skin problems such as acne and eczema?

Do you feel low and depressed for no apparent reason? Is your nose frequently blocked or leaky? Are you hit by unexplained anxiety attacks? Is circulation to your feet and hands rather poor, causing them to feel cold easily? Do you suffer from allergies? Do you have insomnia? Are you affected by issues of infertility or poor sexual health?

Do you have some form of chronic inflammation in your body? Do you find that you are especially sensitive to chemicals, for example perfumes? Are you often lacking energy and fatigued? Do you crave sugary foods? Do you have a "permanent" sore throat or cold?

Does your body feel "toxic" and "burdened" most of the time? Are you stricken by unexplainable chronic health problems which do not seem to have any other obvious cause?

If your answer is "yes" to a number of the above questions, you could be affected by a candida yeast overgrowth or infection in your body.

Candida albicans are organisms which exist naturally in the human body. However, under certain circumstances, they can grow out of control and start causing serious damage to your health.

The conditions mentioned above are not even a comprehensive list of the ailments linked to candida overgrowth. In fact, candida infection is also linked to clinical conditions like asthma, attention deficit disorder (ADD), autism, chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), depression, Crohn's disease, endometriosis, fibromyalgia, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), leaky gut syndrome, lupus, migraine, multiple chemical sensitivities (MCS), multiple sclerosis, premenstrual syndrome (PMS), prostatitis, rheumatoid arthritis, and more. Even cancer may be linked to candida overgrowth.

So, what are the situations in which candida yeast can proliferate and overwhelm the body?

Candida feeds on sugar, so a diet high in sugars and carbohydrates, particularly those of the refined varieties, can contribute to candida overgrowth. Further, the body's immune system and good bacteria residing in the gut play a critical role in keeping the yeast in check, and when the immune system is weak, and / or there is a lack of good bacteria in the body, candida can also multiply and overwhelm the body's defenses.

Unfortunately, the lifestyle and dietary habits of the "average" person in the modern world today contribute to all the said aspects of candida infection. For example, sugary snacks and beverages encourage candida growth, antibiotic use wipe out the good bacteria in the gut, while stress and lack of exercise weaken the immune system. And let's not forget that refined sugars and processed foods also themselves suppress the immune system and adversely affect the good bacteria population in the body.

Of course, getting rid of candida is not a cure-all for all diseases; nothing is. But the problem of candida overgrowth is very real for many people, and worse still, because the medical system has yet to fully recognize the validity and extent of the issue, many people (way too many) are suffering in silence, so to speak.

Thankfully, as always, there are natural ways to deal with this health problem. The most common natural treatments entail a combined use of dietary restrictions as well as various herbs and supplements. If candida is indeed the source of your health challenges, you will be surprised at how good you can feel after a good cleansing program.

Learn more about candida yeast overgrowth, including its causes, symptoms, and natural remedies, in the latest articles published on All 4 Natural Health. See links below.

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