Heavy Metal Detoxification or Cleanse

Why is heavy metal detoxification important?

Heavy metal poisoning is increasing with the increase in pollutants in the environment and toxicity levels in the air and water consumed by people on a daily basis. Heavy metal poisoning can be responsible for various disease conditions like cancer, depression, allergies of various kinds, and other problems like learning disabilities in little children, Alzheimer's Disease and Multiple Sclerosis.

What are heavy metals?

Metals that have chemical substances which have a specific gravity more than five times the specific gravity of water are referred to as heavy metals. Cadmium, iron, lead, and mercury are a few elements that have a specific gravity that is more than five times the specific gravity of water.

These metals gain access to the human body via air, water, food, and contact. When these heavy metals enter the human body and cannot be metabolized or broken down, they collect in the human body, creating heavy-metal toxicity. This makes heavy metal detox important.

Exposure to metals can occur in various places where heavy metal fumes or metals contaminate the water, surrounding air, and soil. Children often play in soil, do not wash their hands, and eat something with the same hands ingesting all the toxic heavy metals they encountered in the soil.

Heavy Metal Detoxification Process

Some natural heavy metal detoxification agents include alfalfa, cilantro, chlorella, and rutin. It is ideal that these herbs and supplements be taken after consulting a qualified natural health care physician or herbalist.

Alfalfa: Alfalfa is high-fiber herb which is a rich source of proteins, vitamins A, B6, D, E and K. In addition to this, it also contains various minerals like calcium, potassium, magnesium, chlorophyll, iron, and phosphorous and other important enzymes that aid in the digestion process. Alfalfa also has the ability to deactivate toxic chemical substances in the intestine and liver. It will then eliminate these toxins from the human body before they can cause damage. People with increased iron levels should not take alfalfa or its products.

Cilantro: Also referred to as coriander, cilantro has the ability to remove heavy metal toxins from the human body. Cilantro can be used in salads, soups, and other dishes and included in the diet on a regular basis. Cilantro has always been described as having the ability to "chelate" toxic heavy metals from the human body. Chelate is based on a Greek word for "claw" and suggests that it can surround the particle or substance, swallow it up, and here we are referring to the ability of cilantro to chelate heavy metal toxins from the human body.

Chlorella: Chlorella is a unicellular algae growing in fresh water and is great source of minerals, vitamins, and proteins. Chorella is a green algae which contains high levels of chlorophyll. It works as an effective heavy metal detoxification agent and is used extensively in colon cleansing processes. This algae has the ability to attach itself to heavy metal toxins and other toxic products present in the intestines and flush them out. Chlorella also has the ability to boost the quantity of serum albumin which ensures healthful functioning of the human body.

Rutin: Rutin is extracted from plants and is referred to as a phytoextract. Buckwheat, apple skin, and black tea are all rich sources of rutin. Due to its ability to function as an antioxidant, and anti-carcinogen, it helps in various functions like elimination of disease-causing free radicals and decreasing tissue damage. It has the ability to remove toxic iron from the human body and prevent cell destruction.

Heavy metal toxicity could result from longstanding exposure to toxins present in the pollutants from the environment or from water. Either way, it is important to test for heavy metal toxicity because untreated heavy metal toxicity can cause serious problems and disease conditions.

If one suspects heavy metal toxicity, it is a good idea to consult a qualified natural health care physician to test for the condition. If positive, a suitable heavy metal detox program can then be undertaken.

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