Natural Mercury Detoxification

Mercury poisoning or toxicity is a very serious issue and a mercury detoxification program would be necessary to address it.

Most significantly, people with mercury amalgams or mercury fillings in their teeth, which are commonly but inaccurately (even deceptively) referred to as "silver amalgams", are at high risk for mercury poisoning or toxicity.

Mercury toxicity could also happen to people employed in the mines and in the industrial and manufacturing sectors that use mercury as an ingredient in preparing various products like fungicides, thermostats, thermometers, etc.

In addition, unknowingly little children who have access to thermometers could sometimes play with them, break them, and end up ingesting the mercury contained in the thermometer. People who eat a lot of fish would also tend to have higher levels of mercury in their bodies.

Some of the signs and symptoms associated with acute mercury poisoning include persistent cough, throat soreness, and difficulty breathing. Other symptoms include stomach ache, nausea and vomiting, dizziness, headaches, and general weakness.

Long-term exposure to mercury can create severe damage to the nervous system. Mercury has the ability to pass across the pregnant woman's placenta and affect the fetus. Fetus affected by mercury poisoning can suffer from mental retardation, cerebral palsy, and inability to talk.

Mercury poisoning has also been heavily linked to serious diseases such as autism, Alzheimer's disease, multiple sclerosis, Crohn's disease, etc.

One must immediately consult a physician if one suspects mercury poisoning. Some natural ways of mercury detoxification are as described below:

Protein-rich Diet

A diet rich in protein containing gluthaione is found to be extremely effective for mercury detoxification, by flushing out mercury toxins from the human body. Protein supplements that are rich in gluthaione are available in the market. One can consult a primary care physician and take appropriate amounts of supplements as directed by the physician.


Certain good bacteria help in the digestion process and also help in eliminating toxins from the human body. Hence, probiotic products can be included in the diet on a regular basis in an attempt to aid digestion and flush out powerful toxins.


Herbs like cilantro or coriander, chlorella, garlic and green tea work effectively in flushing out mercury toxins from the human body.

Cilantro or coriander can be included in the regular diet from finely chopping organically cultivated cilantro and mixing it with salads of any kind. Finely cut cilantro can be boiled in a cup of water, a dash of cayenne pepper, and turmeric, strained, filtered and taken. Adding fresh edible mushrooms and boiling both cilantro and mushrooms together will add a rich flavor to the soup. One can eat the cilantro with the mushrooms.


Include a healthy dose of vitamins A, C, and E into the diet by eating organically grown fresh oranges, aloe vera, almonds, and other fresh fruits and vegetables that contain vitamins, a rich source of antioxidants. Drinking green tea is also useful. These antioxidants have the ability to destroy disease-causing free radicals. They also have the ability to flush out heavy metal toxins like lead and mercury and therefore are found to be effective in the mercury detoxification process.

Removing Mercury Amalgams

If you have mercury amalgams, it would be advisable to remove them. You should seek the assistance of a dentist who is uses biologically friendly materials for amalgams, and who also knows how to take the necessary precautions to remove mercury amalgams without the unnecessary risk of mercury poisoning through swallowing or inhalation.

These are some of the natural ways of helping the human body flush out heavy metal toxins, including mercury.

However, because heavy metals like lead and mercury can prove to be extremely dangerous, it is advisable to seek professional help in carrying out mercury detoxification. A qualified natural health care physician should be helpful.

For more information on heavy metal detoxification or cleansing, click here.

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Share YOUR Knowledge and Experiences on Mercury Detox

Do you have any experiences, knowledge and information on mercury detoxification which would be useful to our other readers? These could include its health benefits and medicinal properties; usage instructions; reliable and quality sources; background and history; comparisons and reviews; potential side effects, adverse reactions and contraindications; as well as other related topics. We invite you to share your natural health knowledge and experiences on mercury cleanse here. If applicable, please discuss the exact brands and dosages which you used.

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