Searching for the missing ingredient for good health?

by Webmaster,

Are you searching for THE missing ingredient for good health, or perhaps some secrets to good health? That special or magic pill, supplement , therapy, herb or habit which would reverse your ill-health and give you health and vitality?

To be honest, I get wary when I read promises or offers of a particular substance which is a magical cure-all for all diseases and ailments. I'm not saying such proclamations are definitely frauds. In fact, I think they might well work for some people.

So, does that mean I actually do believe that there might exist particular natural or alternative remedies or therapies which would reverse many different kinds of diseases?

Yes, because certain substances and therapies work on certain basic fundamentals, such as detoxifying the body, purifying the blood or strengthening the immune system, and when such aims are achieved, the body takes over and is able to carry out its healing work from various kinds of ailments and conditions.

For example, here are my favorite natural healing herbs, herbal formulas and foods which are helpful for many different health conditions .

However, in my opinion, such a search for a missing ingredient for good health would probably prove futile for most people.

You see, the reality is that there are many factors which are necessary for good health. These include proper diet and nutrition (vitamins, minerals, etc), lifestyle habits (exercise, proper rest, etc) and certain elements (oxygen, sunshine, etc). Non-physical aspects, such as stress management, emotional wellbeing and a positive mental outlook, are important for good health too.

Fact number one is that our bodies are able to compensate for deficiencies in certain factors through other factors. Fact number two is that, while our bodies are largely similar, they are also unique.

These facts explain why two people can eat the exact same foods and live the exact same lifestyle, yet NOT have the exact same state of health. For example, it is widely known and accepted that smoking is a major cause of lung cancer, yet there are many smokers who do not get lung cancer, and also many non-smokers who DO get lung cancer.

In our search for good health, my opinion is that, rather than look for a specific missing ingredient for good health, which is often quite expensive, we should instead undertake a diet and lifestyle that is holistically natural and health-promoting.

Herein lies the secrets of good health - the fundamental principle lies in practicing a series of core good health habits which promote health and vitality.

Do as many of the things which are very good for health as possible, and cut back or eradicate those which are not good for health. This way, we ensure that most, if not all, of the factors necessary for good health are present, and we thus give ourselves the best shot at achieving optimum health and vitality.

Here's wishing you a healthy life ahead!

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