Olive Oil Cleanse - Detoxifying the Liver and Gallbladder

The olive oil cleanse was designed to help flush wastes and toxins from the body - most specifically, the liver and the gallbladder.

Though there are many methods to cleanse - dieting, cleansing drinks, etc, the olive oil method is a popular choice, not only because it is relatively inexpensive, but for its convenience (comfort of your own home) and effectiveness as well.

If the bile becomes thick and / or sludgy, it can form balls of grease in either the liver or gallbladder. Sludge can (most often does) become toxic and, in the process, cause an array of symptoms. If not flushed from the body, they can harden and turn into stones, which may require surgery.

Of the most often used olive oil cleanse formulas, one starts you off with eating nothing but organic apples before getting the actual cleanse under way, while the other uses fresh organic apple juice throughout the cleanse.

All olive oil cleanses recommend using extra virgin olive oil, because it has the lowest acid level as well as being of the highest quality. Eating anything else other than the specified ingredients, particularly meat or dairy products, will only inhibit the effects of the flush.

The flushes range from a simple home remedy of 1 cup olive oil mixed vigorously with 1 cup lemon juice, taken three times a day before a meal (2 Tbs at a time) for persistent or chronic indigestion, abdominal pain, constipation, gas or nausea, with results in 3 to 5 days; to a slightly more intense version of the cleanse.

Procedure 1

The following is one procedure for an olive oil cleanse.

On the day before the intended flush, do not eat after 4 in the evening. At 10:30pm, drink 3/4 cup of grapefruit juice that has been mixed with 1/2 cup of olive oil, stirred and set aside one half hour. Once the mixture has been drunk, go to bed.

In the morning, have 8 oz of water mixed with 1 Tbs. Epsom salts and the juice of 1 fresh squeezed lemon. Drink with a straw for best results.

Procedure 2

For more extensive measures of detoxifying your system, you may need a process that takes a day and a half, using the juices of grapefruits, apples and lemons, as well as a cup of olive oil, water and Epsom salt.

Here is another possible olive oil cleanse procedure.

Start the flush at around 8 in the morning with a cup of fresh squeezed grapefruit juice. Continue throughout morning until noon. At 1:30pm, proceed the flush with fresh apple juice until 5:30 in the evening. At 6pm, mix 8 oz of water with 1Tbs. of Epsom salts and the juice of 1 lemon. Consume.

Repeat the water-Epsom salt-lemon juice process at 8pm as well.

At 10pm, mix 1 cup of olive oil with the juice of 2 grapefruits, mixed well. In the comfort of your bed, lay on your right side and drink the mixture with a straw. Sleep through the night as usual.

In the morning when you rise, repeat the water-Epsom salt-lemon juice process one last time. Start eating again with apples, and incorporate additional foods slowly.


For improved liver function, the elimination of excess waste and toxins from both the liver and the gallbladder, the purification of the blood and lymph systems, and the overall rejuvenation of your body, there are several good remedies available. Some incorporate the use of herbs, while others couple with organic apples, oranges or grapefruits.

Most olive oil cleanses use lemons along with the oil, regardless of other ingredients. This detoxification protocol is best when completed on an evening when you will have a few days to rest.

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Share YOUR Knowledge and Experiences on Detox Using Olive Oil

Do you have any experiences, knowledge and information on detoxification using olive oil which would be useful to our other readers? These could include its health benefits and medicinal properties; usage instructions; reliable and quality sources; background and history; comparisons and reviews; potential side effects, adverse reactions and contraindications; as well as other related topics. We invite you to share your natural health knowledge and experiences on a cleanse using olive oil here. If applicable, please discuss the exact brands and dosages which you used.

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