Discussing the Probiotics Candida Connection

What is the probiotics candida connection?

Candida (overgrowth is referred to as candidiasis) is a normal inhabitant of the digestive tract. It is a microscopic fungal organism which can grow out of control due to factors such as taking an extended round of antibiotics, prolonged stress, or a poor diet (especially ones high in sugar).

When this occurs, the healthy bacteria also populating the intestines can get crowded out, resulting in all sorts of gastrointestinal problems, ranging from chronic gas to irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Restoring healthy, balanced levels of gut flora is essential for health, as our immune system and many of its functions depend on the bacteria in the gut.

With the use of oral contraceptives, steroids, anti-ulcer or other medications, or having a repressed immune system due to disease (diabetes) or as the result of disease (chemotherapy), symptoms such as allergies (as well as allergy symptoms) and sinus problems, chemical sensitivities, anxiety and/or panic attacks, hyperactivity or lethargy, ADD, OCD, and perhaps one of the most mysterious: psoriasis, dandruff, dry, itchy skin, hives, swollen lips/face and/or facial rashes can begin to take place.

For women, there can be frequent urination or yeast infections (men can be plagued by them as well) and there will be a noticeable increase in symptoms after eating mold foods or products with a high sugar content. There may be chronic or acute inflammation of the eyes as well as eye fatigue, muscle weakness or actual bone pain. Even when Candida appears in babies (thrush), there is a white coating over its tongue.

There is no Candida diet that has been formulated specifically for the disorder. There are, however, several common foods that appear to promote imbalance within the intestines, starting with refined sugar. It is basic Candida food. Breads, rolls and alcoholic beverages (all made with yeast), caffeine (including coffee, sodas and chocolate), foods containing molds such as cheese, mushrooms, nuts and sometimes leftovers are known offenders. Many fruits also can present a problem because their sugar is simple and broken down into the blood stream quickly.

So how does the probiotics candida link come in?

Probiotics are living microscopic bacteria also. They are found in foods such as yogurt or sauerkraut and in products fortified with them, such as acidophilus milk. There are also supplements. All have been found to work very well in probiotics candida treatment, because they restore the delicate balance of the three pounds of gut flora.

It has been said that the intestines are called the second brain of the body, as they play such an important role in how we feel. You are not necessarily sick when you are experiencing gas, heartburn, hives, chronic fatigue, diarrhea and/or constipation, but your gut is making a statement nonetheless. Probiotics work by competing for nutrients but producing beneficial chemicals (B vitamins, niacin, folic acid, vitamin K, biotin as well as a host of others) in return that either increase the colony of friendly bacteria or help the body's immune system. These effects further boost probiotics candida treatment properties

As Candida comes under the control of the friendly flora once more, the beneficial bacteria will have need of replenishment. Eat foods rich in probiotics as well as take dietary supplements to achieve this.

Do you now have a better idea of the probiotics candida connection? Having read about the probiotics candida link, you may learn more about this ailment by reading the other related candida articles and pages.

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Discussing the Probiotics Candida Connection

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