Seaweed Weight Loss Benefits

Are there seaweed weight loss benefits?

Are you one of those people who are always dieting in the hope of losing that last 10 pounds, or of burning away your excess fat?

Is it working out for you, or do you seem to quit your diet because you begin to feel as if you're not getting the health benefits of a full range of foods? If you had supplemented your diet with seaweed, however, you might find that this doesn't happen to you.

Often, when people diet, they lose valuable nutrients that their hair, skin and bodies need. By reducing the amount of calories a person consumes, they are often also limiting the amount of nutrients they are taking in. This is why people who are always on a diet seem to have dull hair and skin - the lack of nutrients shows up there first, because their bodies need to distribute the nutrition to other more important places.

By adding seaweed to your diet, which has no fat and very low calories, you are giving your body an additional source of complex carbohydrates and protein, which break down slowly to ease hunger and deliver a slew of necessary vitamins and minerals to the body. This could add up to more weight loss for you and better nutrition all at the same time, explaining seaweed weight loss effects.

Better nutrition while you are cutting calories to reach your weight loss goals also translates to better hair and skin overall.

Plus, there is more to seaweed weight loss properties - seaweed has been found to contain a substance that actually keeps people from gaining weight. The compound is called fucoxanthin and, while up until now, it's only been researched on obese rats and mice, the findings are promising.

This compound is most often found in Wakame, which is used to flavor soups such as Miso soup, and it comes from brown seaweed.

Fucoxanthin seems to encourage the production of a protein called UCP1, which aids in the burning of body fat that surrounds the organs in the abdomen. This is the fat that is linked to heart disease and diabetes.

In the study, researchers isolated fucoxanthin from Wakame and added it to the food the rats regularly ate. This caused them to lose up to 10% of their body fat. In addition, it appears that fucoxanthin encouraged the production of DHA; the levels of production were similar to those seen in fish oil supplements.

This research on seaweed weight loss benefits is promising, but it does not necessarily apply to humans. If you are wondering, however, about how adding Wakame to your diet could help you, take a look at many different Asian cultures incorporate lots of seaweed in their diets.

For a long time, there were no obesity issues in this region. It is thought that one possibility for this is the high amounts of fucoxanthin these people regularly consume. Of course, this observation of lower obesity rates is highly unlikely to be down to seaweed weight loss benefits alone, and is probably the cumulative effect of various lifestyle and dietary habits of the Asian people.

For now, however, it is unlikely to hurt much to incorporate seaweed into your diet, whether it's in supplement or whole food form. Perhaps you will find that, with the help of seaweed weight loss properties, you lose the weight you've been holding all this time.

Either way, you will likely find that you have more energy and feel great by adding seaweed to your diet.

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