AB Blood Type Diet - Details

What are some details of the AB Blood Type diet?

Based on the work of Dr. Peter J. D'Adamo, author of the book Eat Right For Your Type, blood type diets incorporate the conventional wisdom of many natural healing philosophies, such as Ayurveda, that state that each individual's constitution differs. Furthermore, individuals can drastically affect their health (either for the positive or negative) by what they choose to consume.

According to the blood type diet philosophy, one's focus should center on the individual's biochemical and metabolic makeup, or genetic heritage found in the blood. This makeup in part determines the chemical reactions of food that is consumed as it breaks down in the body into useable nutrients, and will heavily influence one's health. The reasoning lies in that the chemical reaction occurs in the blood, and will differ based on genetics and blood type.

The blood type diet restores one's natural genetic rhythm, eliminating the overabundance of lectins (specific sugar-binding proteins) in the body, which can over time potentially harm internal organs. Your blood type is a snapshot of your cellular profile, and sticking to the appropriate diet allows you to function in top condition.

Type AB blood constitutes approximately 2 to 5% of the population. Type AB shares some of the characteristics of the other three blood types, and is the only blood type that, evolutionarily speaking, did not result from environmental influences.

Medically speaking, Blood group AB individuals have both A and B antigens on the surface of their red blood cells (RBC). Their blood serum does not contain any antibodies against either A or B antigen, therefore, an individual with Type AB blood can receive blood from any group (with AB being preferable), but can donate blood only to another Type AB individual.

According to Dr. D'Adamo, Type AB individuals tend to be more susceptible to certain mental disorders, such as depression and schizophrenia, disorder of digestion (attributable to low stomach acid levels), certain coronary diseases, and immune disorders. Their type also demonstrates a high rate of Type A personality.

The following profiles the recommended AB Blood Type diet. The blood type has two major variations - secretors and non-secretors, for which there are additional specifications with respect to the AB Blood Type diet. One may take an easy home saliva test to determine the "secretor status". The following are generalizations that apply to both variants.

Type AB individuals have weak stomach acid, and are advised to increase the levels by taking an amino acid supplement (L-histidine) twice a day. Taking bitter herbs supplements and avoiding of carbonated drinks will also increase stomach acid. Caffeinated drinks should be limited in the AB Blood Type diet in order to avoid over-stimulating already high adrenaline production.

Calming exercises, such as Hatha yoga, will assist in coping with both the manifestations of Type A personality and high levels of stress hormones. Betaine and dendrobium, found in kola nuts, should be taken as part of the AB Blood Type diet as well.

Certain lectin rich foods should be avoided completely; these include chicken (a blood and digestive tract irritant). In general, Type ABs fail to metabolize meat as well as other individuals. Tofu provides a good protein dietary supplement in lieu of meat. However, excessive intake of tofu will increase and over-stimulate mucous production. Other foods on the AB Blood Type diet blacklist include corn, buckwheat, lima and kidney beans.

Type ABs, more so than other types, should control portion size and meal frequency. Type AB tolerates most dairy products well, but certain cheeses should be avoided in excess. Type ABs should eat nuts and seeds in small amounts, but do well with grains, even wheat, in the AB Blood Type diet.

Type AB individuals demonstrate a weaker immune system than other types. To counteract this, consume vegetables high in phytochemicals to boost immunity. Type AB individuals should also look for other ways to assist their immune system. Try alkaline fruits to balance any acidity found in grains and other products, and eat plenty of immune boosting polysaccharides and cancer-fighting antioxidants.

Begin the day by drinking warm water with a hint of lemon. Warm water shocks the waking system less than ice cold beverages. The lemon will cleanse the system of accumulated mucous after several hours of sleep.

Remember to plan relaxing and rejuvenating exercises into the day, and avoid highly competitive environments where Type A personality factors may become problematic. Rather, embrace the Type AB tendency to be social, yet intuitive and independent thinker.

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