How to Make a Smoothie - Steps and Tips

Would you like to learn how to make a smoothie?

Smoothies are one of the best ways to get great nutrition while filling yourself up so you can feel satisfied while you're on the run. Smoothies are also great if you're dieting, as long as you choose the right ingredients to go into your smoothie.

If you've never made a smoothie before, you need to know how to do it to get all your nutrition and energy in one power-packed drink.

Choose a "base" for your smoothie

The first step in how to make a smoothie is to select a "base".

The base of most smoothies' is fruit. You can freeze fruit if you have time, but it's not necessary.

Consider berries, which are high in antioxidants. Plus, if you choose berries, you will also give yourself a big boost of vitamin B, vitamin K and some much needed fiber.

The most popular berries to use in a smoothie are strawberries, raspberries and blueberries. So, which flavor do you like?

You can also choose other fruits when you're making a smoothie. When you're learning how to make a smoothie, you may want to use the fruit that you have on hand, but you can experiment with other fruits as you learn what flavors combine well.

Consider bananas to make your smoothies with. They are a great source of folate and potassium and offer much fiber, too. Indeed, in experimenting with how to make a smoothie, recipes with bananas are often used.

Other fruits that are big on nutrition include mangoes (great source of vitamin A), blackberries (much fiber and very high in antioxidants) and cantaloupe (also high in vitamin A).

Choose a thickener

The next step in how to make a smoothie is choosing a thickener.

While you may be depending on your fruit to do most of the flavorful talking, you may find that you need something to make your smoothie a little bit thicker. There are a couple of choices for this, but most of what will help you to make your decision will depend on what you want your smoothie to achieve.

For many people, the most natural choice is either plain or flavored low or no fat yogurt. This contains tons of calcium, which your body needs, and it can do double duty to add thickness to your smoothie.

Don't like yogurt, or don't wish to consume dairy? No problem. Choose frozen fruit, instead.

Fruit that has been frozen will help to thicken your smoothie without the potential extra calories of another product such as yogurt. Use the same berries that you used fresh for an extra punch or try different frozen fruits to complement the flavor of your base.

Don't forget the liquid

Here comes the final step in how to make a smoothie - the liquid. Without liquid, your smoothie isn't going to become a, well, smoothie. If you've skipped the yogurt for a thickener, you can consider using some vanilla flavored soy milk, or try regular skim milk for some extra vitamin D.

Don't feel like having any dairy in your smoothie today? No problem, consider using orange, pineapple or other types of juices for another full serving of fruit and even more flavor. Choose the unsweetened kind and remember the added calories that juice can sometimes offer.

Tips and Suggestions

So, now that you know the basic steps, here are some tips for how to make a smoothie. Use 1 part fresh fruit, 1 part liquid and 2 parts thickener for the best tasting smoothie possible. Also, if you decide not to use frozen fruit, you may want to consider using some fruit flavored ice cubes in your smoothie.

If you are interested in adding additional nutrition, such as protein so that you can cut your hunger and feel satisfied for a longer period of time, consider adding some protein powder. For the most health benefits, stay away from the kind that has been sweetened with aspartame. Instead, sweeten your smoothie with honey or fruit juice.

Many people also add greens, especially dark green leafy vegetables such as spinach and kale, into their smoothies. These vegetables provide a lot of highly beneficial nutrients, including antioxidants, vitamin K, calcium, iron, and much more.

In your journey of learning how to make a smoothie, it is important that you let your creative juices flow and allow yourself to explore and experiment with various recipes. Over time, you will discover concoctions which not only give your health a boost, but also provide your taste buds a delicious treat.


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