Protein Smoothie Recipes - Tips and Suggestions

Creating a selection of protein smoothie recipes that you can turn to when you're in a rush and are on the hunt for something quick to act as a meal replacement is a good idea to help you stick with your healthy diet.

So many people are quick to turn to fast food when they haven't prepared a home cooked meal, but by whipping up one of these instead, you can get much better overall nutrition and also keep the calorie levels under control.

There are also a number of different protein powder flavour options available, so you can get quite creative when creating your blended drink to your own individual taste preferences.

Here are some of the main ingredients you should consider adding to your protein smoothie recipes.

Protein Powder

Obviously, putting protein into the protein smoothie recipe will be a must. In most cases, you'll choose a vanilla or chocolate flavour; however, if you're making a fruit smoothie, berry or banana may be a better option.

Just watch that you aren't adding in protein powders that contain a lot of additional carbohydrates, or this could take the overall calorie content of the beverage just a little too high.

Fresh or Frozen Fruit

Second, consider adding some fresh or frozen fruit to the protein smoothie recipe. Frozen fruit works really well, since it gives it a thicker consistency, which is what most people look for with their smoothies.

Frozen strawberries, peaches, or mixed berries all work great for this. You can also freeze peeled bananas as well, for a similar effect.

Juice or Milk

To thin out the smoothie, juice or milk will both work well and will add some extra flavour, whether it's a fruity taste you're after or something more creamy. Be sure to limit the amount of juice, however, so that your smoothie doesn't contain too much sugar.

Low-Sugar Pudding Mix

If you'd like to thicken the protein smoothie recipe, consider some low-sugar vanilla or chocolate pudding mix. This typically only contains about 25 calories per quarter package (which is all you need) and will really make a difference.

Cottage Cheese

Cottage cheese and yogurt are also great additions to thicken the smoothie recipe up, as well as add in some additional protein. Half a cup usually is the perfect amount to blend into the drink to create the desired effect.

As an added bonus, this will help you get more calcium in the smoothie as well.

Peanut Butter

If you're looking for a way to boost the healthy fat intake of the smoothie, consider peanut butter. This is great when mixed with frozen bananas, milk, and chocolate protein powder, to create a choco-peanut butter banana protein smoothie recipe.

Peanut butter also helps keep the drink nice and smooth, adding to the appeal for many people.


Finally, a last way to boost up the healthy fat intake of the protein smoothie recipe is to add some flaxseeds. If you keep the quantity down to about one teaspoon or tablespoon, you won't even know they are in there, but they will give you a great dose of healthy essential fatty acids. These are a requirement for optimal health, so for such a small effort to toss in, the payoff is huge.

So start getting busy in the kitchen coming up with your own protein smoothie recipes. With the perfect mix of ingredients, you can create one that you'll look forward to rather than grabbing yet another cheeseburger and fries.

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