The Human Lymphatic System - An Overview

This article provides an overview of the human lymphatic system.

All tissues are made of cells and, in between various cells, there are very tiny channels with fluid collection, and this fluid is called lymph. Lymph has no color, no smell, and is easily absorbable.

Transporting Nutrients

The main function of the lymph is to nourish the human body by carrying nutrients like minerals and proteins to various parts of the human body. The majority of the cells present in the human body do not come in contact with the blood and get their nourishment from the fluid surrounding the cells, called lymphatic fluid, or lymph.

It is also possible for the lymph to transport proteins and bigger particles which might be absorbed into the blood stream by the blood vessels. Sometimes these large protein particles can obstruct the lymphatic system. High-protein diets can be responsible for blocking the lymphatic system.

Transporting Wastes

Another important function of the human lymphatic system is to collect all the wastes produced by various cells in the human body and to send them into the blood stream, after which the body will remove them via the organs of elimination.

The lymph can enter the blood stream via the lymph vessels which have extremely thin membranes. The valves of these lymph vessels permit the fluid or lymph to move in a single direction, i.e. upwards, when there is muscle contraction and nerve impulse generation.

The lymph vessels then flow into the thoracic cavity of the chest and become bigger in size. Here they combine to form the thoracic duct and this thoracic duct empties into the venous system close to the heart. The blood will then transfer the toxins created by cellular metabolism to various organs like the lungs, colon, skin, and kidneys for further elimination.

Immune System

The human lymphatic system also produces most of the body's white blood corpuscles (WBC) and lymphocytes, which form a core component of the immune system.

Lymph nodes of the human lymphatic system are present all over the human body, like in clusters in the throat region, below the armpit, and near the spine. These lymph nodes are small, almond-shaped structures.

If the human body is infected, lymphocytes cause the lymph nodes or glands to become swollen, because they catch the disease-causing microbes and micro-organisms in the lymph nodes. These lymph glands are generally palpable near the throat and jaw, when the body is infected.

The spleen is also a significant part of the human lymphatic system and acts as a container that accumulates one third to one fifth of the blood. In addition, the spleen manufactures lymphocytes or WBCs and kills the old red blood corpuscles (RBC).

Lymphatic Congestion and Detoxification

Lymphatic congestion is a big problem with most cancer patients. Undigested food, infectious material, dead cells, and other debris have to be carried off by the human lymphatic system. Thickened and sluggish lymph results in swelling and discomfort.

Therefore, it is extremely important to keep the lymph system from getting clogged, since the functioning of the lymphatic system is extremely important in maintaining a healthy body. People with clogged or blocked lymphatic systems suffer from mastitis before going on to getting cancer.

Careful diet and stimulating the lymph system, combined with regular detoxification of the lymphatic system by using herbs, will help in flushing out toxins from the lymphatic system. This will purify the lymphatic system to enable it to transfer waste products more efficiently. It is also important to clear all stagnant debris and waste from the stomach and abdominal areas for maximum benefits, following which there will be total cleansing in the other regions like the axilla.

Unlike the circulatory system, which has the heart, the human lymphatic system does not have a pump. Thus, lymph movement has to be stimulated in other ways, for example through exercise or massage. Rebounding on a mini-trampoline is said to be excellent for moving and detoxifying the lymphatic fluid.


One can imagine the following cycle, which continues over and over again: The heart pumps fresh, oxygen and nutrient filled blood via the arteries to various body parts; some of the nutrients are brought to cells via the lymph, which surround the cells; the cells use the nutrients in cell metabolism, and create wastes in the process; these wastes are removed by the lymph, and moved upwards through the body via lymph vessels; near the heart, these wastes are transferred into the bloodstream; the body then processes and removes the wastes via the organs of elimination.

In addition, the lymphatic system plays a core role in the body's very important immune system.

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