Lymph Cleanse and Detoxification

Here, you will learn about how to carry out an effective lymph cleanse and detoxification.

The lymphatic system is an integral part of the circulatory system, just as the blood system is. The lymphatic system is responsible for serving as a medium between the blood system and the cells. If the blood system is like the interstate systems and highways, then the lymphatic system is like the small roads that go to individual houses. The lymphatic system is also an essential component of the immune system.

Most of the herbs that are effective for blood cleansing are also equally as effective for cleansing the lymphatic system. As far as consuming herbal teas and tinctures is concerned, blood system cleansing and lymphatic system cleansing should be treated as one unit, and the same routines can be used for both blood cleanse and lymph cleanse.

Skin Brushing for Lymph Cleanse

One effective cleansing routine that is more specific to the lymphatic system is skin brushing. The physical stimulation of proper skin brushing is a very simple, but very effective tool for helping to purge the lymphatic system, as well as toxins from the skin.

The skin is the 3rd largest organ of elimination after the colon and kidneys, so many toxins can build up in the skin and in the lymphatic networks under the surface of your skin. It is also a very good tool for maintaining beauty and youthfulness, as it promotes healthy and firm skin through greatly improved circulation.

Skin brushing for lymph cleanse should not be underestimated because of its simplicity; it is only the conventional mindset that conditions people to think that less complex equates to less effective. Skin brushing has main functions. It stimulates the movement of lymphatic fluid, stimulates circulation to the skin, and keeps the skin pores free of dead skin cells, which aids in the process of releasing toxins through the skin.

The process of skin brushing for lymph cleanse is straightforward. A brush made of natural fibers should be used, and a brush with a long handle is preferred for physical reach and mobility. A good skin brush can be purchased for 10-20 dollars, and will last for decades if cared for properly.

Skin brushing needs to be done when the skin is dry, and ideally right before a shower or bath. The reason for this is because water will cause the skin to temporarily become suppler and more elastic, which is counterproductive to the type of physical stimulation that is desired when skin brushing. Use somewhat firm pressure, as you are giving an invigorating massage to all layers of your skin. You are not trying to scrub the top layer of your skin off, but you need enough pressure to massage all levels of your skin for a good cleanse lymph.

Start by brushing the bottom of your feet, then work your way up all parts of the legs. Move on to the buttocks, stomach, and back if you are able to reach it or have a partner. Move to the chest, and finally the arms and neck. If you have a softer face brush, you can use this as well. Use longer strokes on the limbs, and always brush towards the heart. Use more circular strokes on the areas of the body where you cannot use longer strokes, such as the chest.

You can spend up to 5 minutes of doing skin brushing, and it should ideally be a daily practice. With virtually all natural healing programs, consistency is more important than one-time intensity.

After skin brushing for lymph cleanse, take a normal hot shower. If you are willing to tolerate it, 10-15 seconds of cold water after the hot shower is beneficial. A full out hot and cold shower routine is very powerful, and is the perfect complement to skin brushing.


Rebounding on a mini trampoline is also said to be an excellent way to get the lymphatic fluid moving.

Herbal Routines

As mentioned before, the most effective internal cleansing routines for lymphatic cleansing are virtually identical to those used for blood cleansing, because the most effective routines and herbs deal with the entire circulatory system. As with all cleansing routines, a lymph cleanse definitely should not be done as a standalone program. For effective results, it must be done as part of a larger program of natural detoxification.

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The human lymphatic system plays a key role in maintaining and obtaining good health. Thus, regular lymphatic cleansing and detox can go a long away towards improving one's level of health, immunity and vitality.

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