Blood Cleansing and Detoxification

Here, you will learn about how to carry out effective blood cleansing and detoxification.

Having a healthy and clean blood system is essential because without circulation, the body obviously cannot function. Healthy circulation is essential for the health and healing of every body part, without exception. For example, if a person is trying to increase the health of his or her eyes, eating all the carrots in the world won't do anything without healthy circulation to that area of the body.

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Because the circulation system is integrated with all parts of the body, the body will naturally start detoxifying it when it is able to, such as after effective colon detox and kidney cleansing to open the elimination systems. However, routines that are specifically meant for the blood system will go a long way towards increasing the power of a larger detoxification program.

Blood Cleansing Is Simple

There are no fancy tricks, precise formulaic routines, or special exotic knowledge required to get the most powerful cleanse possible. This applies to every aspect of detoxification. The formula is simple: find an effective tool and keep using it until you get the results you desire.

The two primary angles for approaching blood cleansing involve methods that will improve circulation, and using herbs that will directly flush toxins from the circulatory system. For the best results, use both approaches.

One of the most powerful methods anywhere for boosting circulation is through the use of hot and cold hydrotherapy. The other primary method is by consuming effective herbs in the form of teas and tincture extracts.

How To Use Blood Cleansing Herbs

As is continually emphasized throughout this site, powerful results require that various cleansing routines, such as blood cleansing, be done as part of a larger, holistic program. Blood cleansing is NOT something that should be done as a standalone program, and especially not without addressing colon cleansing and kidney cleansing as a foundation.

Using the herbs is simple: you simply drink them. Within an effective program of detoxification, you will be doing other routines and consuming teas and extracts for other organs such as the kidneys or liver. The amount of tea and extract you use daily in your detoxification program is dependent on how intense you want the program to be.

A more moderate, but still very powerful program for someone who is not in immediate need of very intense healing would typically consist of 2-4 cups of tea made with various blood cleansing herbs, along with 2-4 dropperfuls of a tincture, if available. A more intense program could involve using 2-3 times this quantity.

Remember that if you are blood cleansing properly, you will be doing other detox routines that will also assist in the detox process. All bodily systems are integrated together, so you do not need to go overboard with blood cleansing herbs to get the best cleansing. Kidney cleansing will help your liver, blood, skin, and the entire body. Balance your efforts among the different routines within the program, and focus on the program as a whole rather than on a specific aspect such as blood detoxification herbs.

The trick is that there is no trick. A single cup of tea will have a certain effect. Two cups of tea will have a stronger effect, and 3 cups will have a stronger effect than 2.

A good analogy is to think of a big, filthy kitchen that is being cleaned. Spending 1 hour per day cleaning it will have a certain effect, and with some consistency, you'll get results. Spending 2 hours a day will get it cleaned faster. Spending 2-3 hours a day will be a harder workload, and the kitchen might stink more as you are rapidly cleaning out all of the mess. It will be more intense, but you'll get faster results. Cleaning at a nice easy pace is less intense, and will get results, but you will have to do it longer.

Powerful Blood Detoxification Herbs

Most of these blood cleansing herbs can be used individually to make a tea, or you can use a combination. Some herbs like cayenne or garlic are consumed directly.

The best guideline is generally to use whatever you can get. Different herbs have different properties, so they tend to be the most powerful when used together. However, never stress out because you can't get a couple of the herbs, and don't self-sabotage your detox program because every aspect isn't perfect. Thinking that you can't do a powerful detox because you're missing a couple of herbs is like thinking you can't clean your house because you are missing your preferred brand of wet wipes.

Burdock is a very powerful cleanser for the entire circulatory system, including the blood and lymphatic system. It is also powerful at purging toxins locked in the skin. Practically every part of the plant is used. The roots and seeds are the most common parts used, since these parts tend to contain a high concentration of chemicals, but the stems and leaves are also used as well.

Red Clover is a powerful herb for thinning the blood that is congested with cholesterol and toxic waste. This is obviously very important for having a healthy circulatory system. The parts used for blood cleansing are the blossoms, and it is very important to use blossoms that still have a rich purple color. Many herbal sources use, or sell blossoms that have been harvested after their peak when they are brown. At this point, the majority of the healing chemicals have left the blossom, so any herbal product made with these will be inferior.

Cayenne is the most powerful herb for boosting circulation and improving the health of the circulatory system. This makes it very important for blood cleansing and detoxification. The effectiveness of the herb is directly tied to the heat of the pepper. For detoxification and healing, you need to use hot peppers such as habeneros. Weaker peppers commonly used in cooking like jalapenos are better than nothing, but will be much, much less effective than high heat peppers.

Chaparral is a brush plant that is common in the desert areas in the southwest Mojave region. It is a powerful antioxidant, a powerful liver stimulant, a powerful anti-cancer herb, a potent blood cleanser, and completely safe to use. Naturally, the FDA cautions against using it. This blood cleansing herb can easily be used to make a bitter but potent tea, or in a tincture.

A Tincture Formula For Cleansing The Entire Circulatory System

This formula is the basic blood cleansing formula that has been used by the most successful natural healers in the 20th century such as Dr. Richard Schulze. Any of these herbs can be used to make either a tea or a tincture, and some herbs such as cayenne pepper can be consumed directly.

Making a potent blood detoxification tincture is the most effective way to store blood cleansing herbs. Dried herbs gradually lose their chemical potency, and fresh herbs can go bad. Tinctures require more effort to make unless you purchase them, but they will last for years. Tinctures for blood detox and cleansing are most powerful when combined with herbal teas.

  • 2 parts Red Clover blossoms
  • 1 part Lobelia herb
  • 1 part Cayenne pepper
  • 2 parts Chaparral herb and resin
  • 1 part fresh Garlic juice
  • 1 part Burdock herb (optional but desired)
  • 1 part Poke Root (optional but desired)
  • 1 part Yellow Dock root (optional but desired)
  • 1 part Goldenseal root (optional but desired)


Blood cleansing is an important aspect of any holistic program of natural healing. However, it is extremely important that it be used within a larger detox program. Attempting to cleanse the blood without cleansing the organs of elimination will simply flush out toxins that will then be bottlenecked in the body as they try to get out.

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