Full Body Cleanse - Overview of Complete Detoxification Protocol

Here, you will learn about how to carry out a full body cleanse using a complete detoxification protocol.

Various detox products and programs are becoming more popular as more people start to become more conscientious of their health. As with many emerging trends, there are numerous companies seeking to profit on the increased demand combined with limited knowledge among the general public and mainstream professionals.

Every product and program claims to be the best, and often offer semi-plausible explanations as to why this is the case. For anyone who is serious about taking care of their health through natural means, it is essential to gain a foundational understanding of detoxification concepts before looking at specific products or programs. This article will give you an overview of all the elements of an effective, complete detox program for carrying out a full body cleanse.

The Body Is Naturally Programmed With The Ability To Detoxify Itself

The body naturally has the inbuilt intelligence, if you will, to correct any imbalance and restore itself to a state of health and natural equilibrium. This includes the capability to detoxify every part of the body, thus carrying out natural full body cleanses.

The body never loses this inbuilt ability, but because of the massive burden of the modern degenerative lifestyle, the body's natural functions are overwhelmed in most people. This is much like a high tech, automated factory that has sophisticated self-cleaning and maintenance systems. The systems never lose the programming to clean and maintain the factory.

However, if you constantly overload the system with far more waste than it was meant to handle, it will get clogged up. Nevertheless, if you stop overloading the system, and clear out the system's elimination ports, it will naturally start functioning again, with no tinkering of the system.

The First Detoxification Priority of a Full Body Cleanse Protocol: Opening The Elimination Channels

The body has the inherent capability to detoxify itself, but it cannot do this if its elimination channels are blocked and calcified due to years of degenerative living. Imagine a vacuum cleaner with a dust bag that is completely stuffed. You can try and vacuum up dirt (toxins) all you want, but until you clear the dust bag, not much will happen. In fact, it could even make the mess temporarily worse, if the vacuum spews dust back into the air.

Thus, clearing the elimination channels is the critical first step of any good full body cleanse protocol.

The body's largest primary elimination channel is the colon, followed by the kidneys. The largest secondary channel of elimination is the skin. If the primary elimination channels are not able to eliminate, then the body will seek to eliminate toxins through whatever means it can. This is the cause behind many skin issues; the body is not able to eliminate fully through the colon and kidneys, so it must come out elsewhere.

Because of this, the first and ongoing top priority when detoxifying the body through a full body cleanse process is to have the organs of elimination functioning healthily at full capacity. The colon, being the largest and often the most overloaded organ of elimination, is always the top priority, and as a general rule, should always be among the first things addressed with any full body cleanse detox program.

The Colon

According to the natural healing philosophy followed by the most successful natural healers of the 20th and 21st centuries, there are two main reasons why the colon is almost always the first priority. The first and more obvious reason is that it is responsible for eliminating a large range of wastes, so in order to eliminate these types of wastes from the body, the colon must be healthy.

The second reason is that having a healthy colon serves as a feedback mechanism to the rest of the body that the elimination channels are working. In a sense, a healthy colon, being the biggest channel of elimination, serves as the primary signal for "letting the rest of the body know" that it's ok to start flushing out toxins and wastes. Thus, to kick start a good full body cleanse process, the colon must be cleaned.

The most effective colon cleansing comes from using effective herbal laxatives, and through a form of hydrotherapy known as high enemas, or colonics.

The Kidneys

The kidneys, which are responsible for eliminating a different range of wastes, complement the elimination functions of the colon. Healthy and clean kidneys are just as essential to the overall full body cleanse and detoxification process as a healthy colon.

However, the kidneys have far less raw elimination capacity than the colon. Cleansing the colon effectively will allow virtually every other part of the body, including the kidneys, to begin detoxifying. But a strong kidney cleansing program will not make up for ignoring the colon. Kidney cleansing is most effectively accomplished through the use of effective herbal teas and formulas, combined with consuming ample healthy liquids.

The Skin

The skin can be used by the body to eliminate wastes when the colon and kidneys are backed up, or to supplement their elimination efforts when the body is flushing out years of built up wastes and toxins in the body. The most effective ways to assist the body in eliminating toxins through the skin are through stimulating the lymphatic system and by boosting circulation in and throughout the skin.

In carrying out a full body cleanse procedure, you should start employing other detoxification protocols only after the organs of elimination have been addressed.

The Liver and Gallbladder

The liver and gallbladder are an essential duo in the elimination and detoxification process, and detoxifying them is an important part of any effective full body cleanse protocol. This is why so many detox products talk about cleansing the liver.

The problem with these programs is that unless the channels of elimination are working, trying to cleanse the liver will do almost nothing. In fact, it can even make you feel sicker, because you are flushing up toxins out of the liver, and they will be circulating through the system with no way to be eliminated.

When the organs of elimination are healthy and functioning, the body will naturally start detoxifying other areas of the body, such as the liver. However, this full body cleanse process can be assisted through natural liver and gallbladder cleansing protocols.

The gallbladder is currently considered to be "non-essential" by conventional medicine. Technically, this is true; a person can survive without one.

But being necessary to survival and necessary to a healthy, fully functioning body are very different things. The gallbladder is very much like the colon of the liver, and plays an essential role in assisting the liver to expel wastes; thus, the gallbladder certainly contributes significantly to a full body cleanse process.

The liver is most effectively stimulated primarily through bitter liver herbs, while the most effective gallbladder flushes involve simple drinks that can be made at home from common grocery store items.

The Blood

As has been said before, when the organs of elimination are functioning healthily, the body will start pulling toxins from other body systems wherever it can, including the blood. As with liver cleansing programs, attempting to cleanse the blood without addressing the organs of elimination will not be effective.

However, blood cleansing routines can be used to supplement and assist the body's natural efforts at a full body cleanse once the organs of eliminations are addressed. Assisting the body in cleansing the blood can be especially important, because healing is dependent upon circulation, and circulation is dependent upon the blood system.

The most effective way to assist the body in blood cleansing is through blood cleansing herbs that are taken in teas or tinctures.

The other crucial aspect is that the intake of refined fats, cholesterols, and excess amounts of animal fats cause the blood to thicken, which directly impedes healthy circulation. A healthy body can naturally process and eliminate some of these unhealthy fats, but in order to maximize results, less is best. If you are very unhealthy, it would make no sense to continue ingesting unhealthy fats while the body is already overloaded in working to restore health.


Healing in the body simply cannot occur without healthy circulation. Overall detoxification through a full body cleanse as well as healing cannot occur without healthy overall circulation, and healing to a specific part of the body cannot occur without healthy circulation to that part of the body.

As was mentioned before, having a healthy blood stream is a critical part of having healthy circulation. Another important aspect is that the human body is designed to be active - to have regular exercise. When it comes to exercise, daily exercise is best. If this is not possible, then any exercise is better than none.


Last but not least in a proper full body cleanse protocol is the application of proper nutrition and food. No part of the body can function properly without the right nutrients. It logically follows that the body cannot heal or detoxify without proper nutrition. Furthermore, continuing an unhealthy, degenerative lifestyle while trying to detox will only compromise and hinder your body's efforts to get healthy.

Are Specific Detox Routines For Specific Scenarios Needed?

If the conventional mindset is applied to detoxification, it would seem that you would need specific detox herbs for the eyes, specific programs for the heart, specific programs for the lungs, and so forth.

Holistic healing is based on the fact, which conventional thinking is grudgingly and reluctantly starting to consider, that the bodily systems are all interconnected and do not function independently. Your body is naturally programmed to do everything it needs to detoxify, if the environment allows it to do so. This includes a full body cleanse.

While there are specific routines to assist in different parts of the body, holistic detoxification is not based on the same mindset as conventional medicine, which attempts to have a drug or treatment for every body part, every detail, and every bodily function. This is why the same foundational full body cleanse and detoxification routines apply to virtually every scenario.

Detoxification Is Simple, Once You Get The Hang Of It

The biggest challenge for most people is to switch out of a conventional mindset, and into a more holistic one. Aside from this, the actual programs and routines used in natural healing and detoxification are very simple, and can be learned completely by anyone with no degree or special training. Indeed, you, too, can learn how to carry out effective full body cleanses.

The most effective natural healers that practiced in the 20th century got their results from simple programs that were performed with consistency and intensity. Don't allow yourself to be fooled into the trap of thinking that more complex or more exotic programs of full body cleanses equal better results.

The market is flooded with programs and products that look good because of a complex array of ingredients, a complicated program, or exotic sounding substances. Many of these sell solely based on the appeal of their complexity and effective marketing, rather than their actual effectiveness in making people healthy.

Good fully body cleanses do not have to be complicated, but instead can simply leverage on time tested and effective natural health and healing principles.

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