How to Cleanse Your Body - Remedies, Tips and Therapies

Wish to learn how to cleanse your body? Here are some simple remedies, tips and therapies.

A seasonal or annual body cleanse can help boost energy and uplift the mind and spirit, as well as improve your overall health. If you find that you seem low on energy, unbalanced or otherwise unhealthy, a body cleanse may be in order.

Any of the following symptoms may be a sign that your body could do with some rejuvenation:

  • Bad breath or body odor
  • Constipation or diarrhea
  • Depression or mood swings
  • Headaches
  • Illnesses and degenerative diseases
  • Mental fuzziness or poor memory
  • Poor digestion or digestive upset
  • Premature aging
  • Skin issues
  • Weight gain or unexplained weight fluctuations

You can cleanse your body in a few simple steps, which you may want to save for one special day each week, or which you can spread out over the week. You can also cleanse your body more thoroughly over a period of days or weeks, in which case you will be perfuming a detoxification procedure, diet or fast. The following include some simple ways for how to cleanse your body and mind that only take a few minutes of your time.

Firstly, in how to cleanse your body, you could try some new and wholesome recipes such as a juice tonic or fruit and vegetable smoothie.

Try to change just a few small things in your diet each day, and you will see over the course of the week how simple and healthful such changes can be. For instance, substitute your creamy latte for an antioxidant rich green tea (no refined sugar, but you can sweeten with honey if you like). For lunch, skip the fast food and try a hearty vegetable salad instead. Introduce some cleansing supplements like acai juice, bee pollen, or omega 3 fatty acids in the form of fish oil.

Next in how to cleanse your body, you could try a media fast or a daylong technology fast where you abstain from following the news and its often sordid details. Just one day a week can dramatically lower your exposure to potentially stressful situations.

Try to introduce some cleansing body routines like Ayurvedic tongue scraping, which practitioners say removes excess ama, or toxic build up and metabolic waste, from the tongue. You can also try a dry brush exfoliation or a mini massage with aromatic essential oils to either relax you or reinvigorate you, depending on the time of day and your preferences.

For how to cleanse your body, you could try to incorporate detoxifying drinks into your day, including plenty of water, which naturally flushes toxins from the system, improves hydration, and leads to vibrant and healthy skin. Warm water with lemon can be very fortifying, as can ginger tea, which also aids digestion.

Finally, as you cleanse and detoxify your body, try to make time to cleanse your mind as well. Treat your body as a holistic system intimately tied to your mind and spirit. Practice regular meditation sessions, or use a breath control method that appeals to you from the wide range offered in yogic Pranayama. Indeed, detoxifying the mind is an important part of learning how to cleanse your body.

To further help cleanse your mind (and de-stress the body), try journaling after your meditation sessions to allow any unexpressed emotions that may be negatively affecting your health out and onto the page. Let go of stifled feelings and you will feel an immense weight lifted from you. Rather than hiding or neglecting your emotions and feelings, use them to your advantage by seeing them as an opportunity for personal growth and enhanced wisdom.

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Wish to learn more about cleansing and detoxification after reading about how to cleanse your body?

Have you heard of the 10-day Master Cleanse, the 12 steps to a complete body detox, or the definitive detox diet? Do you know how to detox to lose weight, or to detox your body at all levels in 5 minutes without ingesting anything? You could also discover the supposed body detox secret, or learn about colon cleansing as undertaken by a former toxic colon victim.

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