How To Detox The Body - A Discussion

This article briefly discusses some considerations regarding how to detox the body.

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Cleaning the Blood

At the very core of the detoxification process is the function of purifying the blood. The blood is the life carrying fluid of the body. Clean blood promotes good health and vitality. On the flip side, unclean blood causes disease. Poor blood circulation and blockage also causes disease. Cut off the blood supply to the brain momentarily, and one gets a stroke; cut off blood supply to the heart, and one gets a heart attack - that is how important the blood is. Thus, all processes in detoxification ultimately have one goal only - cleansing the blood of all impurities.

Cleaning the Organs of Elimination

But the blood cannot be clean if certain organs are dirty. Thus, an important part of how to detox the body, is to cleanse the various organs of elimination in the body.

The liver is the natural cleaning house of the body's toxin elimination process, and it processes almost everything. For the blood to be clean, the liver must be clean, too. The kidney filters all blood; it, too, must be clean. If the colon and intestines are not cleaned, then wastes and toxins would be continually re-absorbed by the body, in a process called autointoxication; thus, the colon must be cleansed, too. The other organs that are responsible for detoxification are the skin, lungs, and lymphatic system.

When the eliminative organs get compromised due to disease or unhealthy habits, toxins accumulate, adversely affecting efficient working of the body systems, right down to the blood and to the cellular level. In deciding how to detox the body, it is these organs which must be 'tackled'.

Some Basic Steps on How to Detox the Body

The process of detoxification or purifying the blood employs several methods which are used in combination to achieve the goal of cleansing the body of toxins. The steps on how to detox the body typically involve some or all of the following elements:

  • fasting in one form or the other (water fast, juice fast), which helps the organs to rest from continuous effort;

  • cleansing the colon and intestines;

  • cleansing the liver and boosting liver function, which will enhance overall toxin elimination;

  • cleansing and detoxifying the kidneys;

  • aiding elimination through the other organs of detoxification like the skin and lymphatic system;

  • boosting blood circulation; and

  • rejuvenating the system through the high intake of nutrient rich dietary items, for example fresh fruit and vegetable juices and superfoods.

    Ideal Order of How to Detox Your Body

    The process of detoxification is highly effective since it addresses the body's requirements at the level of individual cells, cleansing them at the most minute level. But for detoxification to reach its highest potential benefits, there is an ideal order regarding how to detox the body.

    Since toxins which are flushed out of the muscles, fats, organs and bodily tissues are most likely to be dumped in and eliminated via the intestines, it is essential that the initial steps involve colon cleansing or detox. Otherwise, if the colon is clogged up, these toxins may be reabsorbed all at once into the body by the intestines, making you feel very sick. Not to mention, the purpose of detoxification would, in the first place, have been defeated.

    After the colon, the liver and then kidneys can usually then follow.

    To Detox or Not to Detox

    One needs to assess, prior to actually embarking on a detoxification program, whether one needs to detoxify or not. With the current levels of environmental pollution and unhealthy lifestyles, detoxification is certainly recommended at least once a year for everyone. In fact, once every quarter would be a lot better.

    Generally, detoxification is recommended if you are noticing signs such as feeling listless, feel fatigued, if you are suffering from skin disorders and allergies, come down with infections often, and have other signs like puffy eyes and bloated stomach. Also, detoxification is recommended for menstrual disorders and lack of clarity in the thinking process.

    Groups of People Who Should Take Extra Note

    However, pregnant women, mothers who are nursing and children may want to be extra careful regarding cleansing and detoxification.

    If one is suffering from chronic debilitating diseases like diabetes, cancer, etc, extra caution would be warranted. When one's body is very ill, it is almost certainly very toxic, and any detoxification program would cause a lot of toxins to be flushed out from bodily tissues into the bloodstream and organs of elimination. A person can then feel very lousy or suffer from adverse reactions.

    If you belong to any of these groups of people, it may be a good idea to consult a qualified natural health care practitioner.

    If you are detoxifying for general health improvement or to overcome less serious health conditions, a commonsense approach toward how to detox your body should enable you to reap the benefits of the process both safely and effectively.

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