An Effective Natural Body Cleanse - Key Elements

What are the key elements of an effective natural body cleanse and detoxification?

You can cleanse your body naturally using a few simple methods, rather than investing a good deal of money in a detoxification kit.

While you engage in a natural body cleansing protocol, avoid artificial ingredients, preservatives, and stimulants like sugar, caffeine, and nicotine, as well as other addictive substances, like alcohol. The process works to purify your system of accumulated toxins and metabolic waste, so avoiding unhealthy substances will make the process go smoothly and yield optimum results.

Drink plenty of filtered water (preferably not bottled and certainly not flavored) during this time. Try to drink at least eight glasses, but preferably more, so that your body will have the opportunity to naturally move the toxins out during your natural body cleanse.

Eat extra helpings of organic fresh fruit, especially as snacks between meals. Avoid any salt, dressing or other additives on your fruits and vegetables - try them raw, plain and in season and you will notice, perhaps for the first time, their naturally delicate and mouth watering qualities.

The natural body cleanse helps restore the body's own immunity and detoxification functions, which can be hampered by the stresses of everyday living in combination with the drastic environmental changes that the world has seen in the past century, including a dramatic increase in the number of toxins present in the average person's surroundings. This includes constant exposure to environmental toxins and factors, such as pesticides, chemical drug medications, food additives and preservatives, pollution, and processed foods; these have caused our bodies to be less able to cope with and overcome diseases.

Several essentials to a natural body cleanse daily routine include proper hydration, exercise, allowing the body to sweat, deep diaphragmatic breathing, a nurturing attitude towards mind and spirit, and adequate sleep.

  • Hydration - Water should constitute approximately 60 to 70% of the human body's weight. Yet, the average person may be quite dehydrated and not even realize it. Proper hydration maintains endurance and energy levels, allows organs and bodily system to function properly, maintains muscle and skin tone (avoiding wrinkles), and aids in proper digestion. Drinking adequate volumes of water becomes especially important during the natural body cleanse period, as it allows the body to move food properly through the digestive tract and flushes toxins from the cells, blood and organs. Clues to dehydration include darkened yellow urine, a dry mouth, muscle cramps, dizziness, dry skin, and a general sense of depression or lethargy.

  • Steam Rooms and Saunas - A steam room or sauna will almost effortlessly help you flush out accumulated toxins through the natural process of sweating. A mere 10 to 15 minutes can do wonders. However, be sure not to overheat, and remember to drink plenty of fluids before and after the session. A few drops of eucalyptus can also help open up the airways. You can also recreate the sense of a sauna at home by taking a hot bath before bed. Be sure to switch to a cool shower or step out if you feel overheated. Adding Epsom salts or essential oils to the bath can help remove toxins from the body, too. All in all, saunas, especially infra red saunas, are excellent additions to a natural body cleanse protocol.

  • Exercise - Daily exercise helps boost essential life force (called prana in yogic thought, and chi or qi in the Far East). Exercise improves circulation, increases oxygen to the vital organs, especially the brain, and helps flush waste from the body. Try exercising for at least 30 minutes each day, and select a method that works best for you - walking, cycling, yoga, dance or perhaps a martial art. The form matters less than your consistency in its practice, so do something you enjoy as part of your natural body cleanse routine.

  • Breathing - Feelings of stress or anxiety tend to elicit rapid shallow breathing, so counter this reaction with deep, prolonged diaphragmatic breaths. Deep breaths increase oxygen levels and initiate the body's natural relaxation response; this greatly improves the effectiveness of your natural body cleanse. You can also try any one of the myriad of techniques offered in the Yogic science of breath control, called Pranayama.

  • Flushing the System (Digestion and Elimination) - Proper digestion and elimination signals optimum health. During the natural body cleanse period, you can aid your digestion through a variety of methods. If you feel constipated, you may wish to try a gentle natural laxative before bedtime, such as a laxative tea containing aloe, slippery elm, marshmallow root, triphala, or yellow dock.

  • Nurture Mind and Spirit - Mediation can help clear the mind's neural pathways. Even just 10 minutes per day can drastically change your outlook from harried and overwhelmed to positively proactive. Often, mediation may be a great way to start the day, and during the natural cleansing period, you might want to make a point of adopting a heart-opening yogic sequence and ending with a brief meditation. Often, one of the benefits of the cleanse will be mental clarity and a sudden definitive resolution to an issue that as been plaguing you. Expect the unexpected!

  • Sleep - A solid good night's rest will bring you infinitely closer to optimum health. This is true not just during a natural body cleanse protocol, but every single day of your life. If you have trouble falling asleep or have had problems with insomnia or light sleep in the past, try a few techniques during the body cleansing program to help you relax and restore. First, avoid stimulating activities right before bed, like watching television or invigorating exercises. Do not eat less than two hours before bed (ideally your last meal should be before 7p.m. if at all possible, so that your metabolism can run its natural course). Listen to a relaxation CD or your favorite meditative music to put you in the proper frame of mind. Try a few conscious relaxation techniques like gentle breathing, visualization, or a body scan in which you begin at the crown of your head and scan carefully over your body to find and actively release hidden tension. If all else fails, take a warm bath with lavender or chamomile essential oil added, which will work to unlock tense muscles and move you into a state of complete relaxation. Some natural sleep aids include chamomile tea or valerian root.

The simple tips given on this page can go a long way toward making your natural body cleanse an effective and enjoyable experience.

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