Liver Detox Diet

A liver detox diet can greatly improve the health of the human liver, which has the ability to rejuvenate and grow into its normal size and structure even it is cut into half. This is the power of the liver and its importance in the human body system.

Despite its ability to grow back as well as survive abuse caused due to alcohol and other recreational drugs etc, the liver continues to function adequately without anyone realizing the levels of toxicity that the liver is subject to on an ongoing basis.

Bearing all of the above in mind, it only seems prudent to try and flush out toxins from the liver and adopt a successful and effective natural liver detox diet that will decrease the toxicity levels in the liver. This in turn will help the liver to function better.

Liver Detox Diet

Adequate advance planning goes into starting on a liver detoxification diet and that is because it cannot be started without adequate preparation. And by preparation, we are referring to preparing the body for the diet.

The main reason for preparing the body for the detox diet is to gain maximum benefit from it. The first step in preparing for a liver detoxification diet is to stop consuming caffeine, decaf, junk food, fatty food, meat, and alcohol.

One can switch to fresh fruit and vegetables for one week and increase the amount of whole wheat bread, water, and decrease sugar intake. This can be accompanied by taking rosemary tea, including turmeric powder, in the diet, or by taking dandelion or artichoke supplements.

The total duration the liver detox diet is one week and a possible such diet can be carried out as described below.

Phase 1

This involves the first three days of the liver detoxification diet program and is a purely liquid diet phase. During phase 1, one would need to drink about 10-12 glasses of water with fresh lemon juice. This preparation will help you cleanse the body of all toxins accumulated over a period of time.

It is best not to take any other beverage during this phase including milk and other dairy products like milk shakes and yoghurt based products. The purpose of doing this is to relax the digestive system and the liver completely. One can continue on the rosemary tea throughout the liver detox diet program.

There is a possibility of people feeling tired and fatigued during the first three days and this is mainly because of all the toxins being flushed out of the system. To obtain maximum benefit during phase 1, one can include a brief walk or exercise for sometime during the day since this enhances the elimination of toxins.

Phase 2

The duration of this phase is three days and this phase involves including semi-solid food and fresh fruit juices prepared from organically grown fruits and vegetables. Besides the above, one needs to continue with the water intake and 10-12 glasses of filtered water are a must. One can mix the lemon juice if required or skip the lemon juice, but continue with the water.

Every morning, a fresh fruit and vegetable juice can be prepared using an apple, orange, carrots, and celery. One can continue to drink the rosemary tea, two or three times daily.

Every afternoon, one can prepare a vegetable broth by boiling four different types of vegetables like potatoes, celery or spinach, broccoli, and carrots. Chop the vegetables into tiny pieces and bring them to boil, and strain / filter and drink the broth up every two to three hours.

Phase 3

This is the last day of the liver detox diet and one can include organically grown fresh fruits vegetables accompanied with ten to twelve glasses of water and rosemary tea.

Add fresh fruit and vegetables to your diet. You can eat them raw or you can steam the vegetables. Continue drinking ten glasses of water and taking the dandelion supplement.

This concludes the liver detoxification diet program and once should slowly go back to a normal diet and try and restrict drinking alcoholic beverages for at least a week after the liver detoxification diet.

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