Easy Liver Detox Method

Looking for a method of simple or easy liver detox?

Perhaps the simplest methods of liver detoxification include taking herbs or herbal products since these have been found to be effective in cleansing the liver and flushing out various toxins easily and quickly.

Mentioned below are a few such liver detoxification herbs.


According to the ancient Indian medical science of Ayurveda, turmeric has certain antiseptic properties and contains chemical substances which help decrease the accumulation of toxins in the human body. It was used extensively in treating various liver disorders like cirrhosis of the liver and heptatitis.

Turmeric roots are yellowish brown in color but produce yellow color when added to curry while cooking vegetables, fish, chicken, and red meat. Turmeric powder is generally added to culinary items since it has some truly amazing medicinal properties.

One such chemical substance is called curcuminoids, which have the ability to contract extended hepatic ducts. It also helps the liver produce more liver enzymes called glutathione, which works towards destroying the toxins present in the liver.

A simple way to ingest turmeric is to add it to curries while cooking or mix turmeric with milk and drink it. It tastes slightly bitter, but the medicinal properties and benefits far outweigh the bitter taste. In fact, herbs which benefit the liver tend to be bitter.


This is another very popular herb and is available easily in the market. Rosemary contains certain chemical substances called caffeic and rosemarinic which facilitate proper functioning of the liver. Both these chemicals are acids and help by decreasing liver inflammation. Liver inflammation if not checked in time can cause some serious liver disorders.

Like turmeric, rosemary also has a similar affect on the liver, in that, it helps stimulate the liver to produce the glutathione enzymes which function as toxin destroyers and eliminate all toxins from the liver.

Hence, a healthy dose of rosemary while cooking various vegetable dishes and fish or chicken will go a long way in helping in the liver detoxification process.

Rosemary tea also can be prepared by boiling a spoon full of rosemary in water, strained / filtered and served warm, and this is one way to carry out an easy liver detox.

Other Herbs

Similarly, other herbs like dandelion and artichoke also work well in detoxifying the liver. Both dandelion and artichoke contain certain chemicals that help flush out toxins from the liver easily and quickly.

Another very powerful liver cleansing and rejuvenating herb is milk thistle, which is used by many for easy liver detox and regeneration.

Other useful liver detoxification herbs include black walnut hull, chaparral, fennel seed, garlic, gentian root, ginger, Oregon grape root and wormwood, and these herbs are often put together in various herbal formulas to benefit the liver.

Of course, any easy liver detox using liver detoxification herbs is only as effective as the quality of the ingredients which are used, so a high quality source of herbs and natural supplements must be used.

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