Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System - Benefits and Disadvantages

The reverse osmosis water filter system is a process where water is filtered through a membrane and then through an outlet that contains small holes.

The idea behind is that the pure and clean water is able to pass through the holes, while the impurities stay behind to be disposed of later. In essence, the water that is obtained in this manner is supposed to be cleaner and more acceptable to drink. So does it work?

In gist, the filtering system does work. Most of the minerals and impurities are trapped by the membrane and therefore do not make it into your cup or water dispenser. For that reason, the reverse osmosis water filter system is as effective as it can be. However, there are also some advantages and disadvantages to using this filtering system, too.

Some of the advantages of the reverse osmosis water filter system are that mercury, nitrates, and chromium can be removed. In addition, the mineral build up that happens on your coffeemakers and kettles might also be eliminated.

Maybe more noticeable is the taste that the system can give your water. Most people notice a cleaner and fresher taste to their water once they have started using the system. This can be especially noticeable to people who do not use well water but rely on a central water system for their water. This is probably due to the lack of contaminants that the water contains once it has been filtered.

An argument against using the filtered system states that since even in its purest form, every water source on earth contains some trace of minerals, therefore it is unnatural to create water without minerals. Some health experts argue that people will develop mineral deficiencies if they continue to drink water that has been filtered.

On a household level, too, the reverse osmosis water filter systems use a lot of water, since they have low pressure. Due to this, only 5 to 15 percent of the water entering the system is recovered. The rest is simply discharged. This waste water will, in turn, put a heavier load on the septic system connected to the house.

Further, such R.O. filtration systems tend to be more expensive than many other water filter systems on the market.

Lastly, not all of the impurities are going to be taken care of by the filter. Synthetic chemicals will still get by the filtering process, as would other tiny particles that were too small to get stopped by the holes. Therefore, although the water might be clean, it's never going to be completely pure.

In conclusion, the reverse osmosis water filter system can vastly improve the overall taste of your water. It can also mean that minerals that lead to hardness and mineral build up can be removed using this system. Unfortunately, it comes with its disadvantages, too.

Filtering your drinking water supply is, broadly speaking, very important, but you will have to weigh the pros and cons in deciding on a system that you wish to use.

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