Water Filter Reviews - Points for Comparison

Are you seeking water filter reviews? Here is a brief discussion on different types of water filters, with a few important pointers raised, to provide a simple guide to help you make a water filter comparison.

There are many types of water filter units on the market today to choose from. It is one of the reasons they are so popular.

At one time, purchase price and space were big factors in whether a person could buy a system. This limited them to larger businesses and corporations, leaving the average person with little hope. With the advancement of modern technology, though, great strides have been taken to put a unit in every home that wants one.

Now let's proceed with this water filter reviews discussion.

Faucet Water Filters

Of the many types to choose from, the faucet mount or end-of-the-faucet type has remained one of the most popular. It is inexpensive and does reduce some of the contaminants that are health concerns. They do, however, require the filter to be changed on a regular basis. Depending on how often you use the faucet, this could mean high replacement costs.

Carafe or Pitcher Water Filters

The next type to be touched on in this water filter reviews discussion is carafe or pitcher type of water filters.

These water filters also reduce some of the health concern contaminants, although they do not do well with the volatile organic chemicals (VOC). These are the toxins that leave no visible evidence of their presence, either smell or taste. They are organic in origin (pesticides or herbicides, etc, coming from industrialization or agriculture), but they do pose very real health risks.

Although this method of filtration does have its advantages, you still have to wait on the water as it is refrigerated (recommended) for best use. Overall, the containers are generally of small capacity and the filters must be changed often at anywhere from $7 to $10 a pop. It does add up.

Reverse Osmosis Water Filters

Next up in this water filter reviews discussion - reverse osmosis (R.O.) water filters.

Reverse osmosis comes highly recommended. However, it does not have a good track record, either. In itself, it does not have the ability to reduce most VOCs, and for every one gallon of water processed, three times that are wasted. It takes up to 24 hours to process five gallons of water, and it removes minerals and trace elements vital to good health while it is at it. (Note: some say, however, that we should get these important minerals and trace elements from our food, and NOT our water.)

Charcoal Water Filters

This discussion on water filter reviews now moves on to charcoal filters.

Water filter units utilizing charcoal filters (granulated or powdered) have upgraded their products to assure the consumer that the water will flow around the charcoal rather than through it. However, they do still run the risk of bacteria growth, as the water sets in the filter. The same is true for the newer silver charcoal filter systems, which have compensated for the bacteria growth with the use of silver.


Distillation systems are next discussed in this water filter review.

While distillation continues to be popular, it too removes minerals and trace elements essential to good health. In itself, it cannot remove all chemicals, though it does do well, and it does run the risk of chemicals vaporizing and re-condensing into the water, though this is not an everyday occurrence.


While many water filter reviews will agree pitchers, dispensers and filters mounted onto the faucet all have the ability to take care of most tap water problems, the sediment (which can clog the units quickly, rendering them useless) the water contains is most often the biggest disadvantage they hold.

All in all, this discussion has touched briefly on some pros and cons of various water filtration systems. The truth is, none of them are perfect, and each comes with its own advantages and disadvantages, as highlighted in numerous water filter reviews out there. Someone who claims his water filter system is perfect is probably trying to sell it to you.

What is quite clear, however, is that tap water comes with many contaminants and impurities which are harmful to human health, and boiling isn't enough to neutralize or get rid of them - some form of water filtration is thus necessary for you to help your body obtain or maintain optimal health.

At the end of the day, you will have to make your own decision as to which type of filter system to use, and we hope this brief discussion on water filter reviews has helped you in some way as you seek a useful water filter guide.

For more information to help you make a water filter comparison, read the other related water filter articles and pages on this website.

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Water Filter Reviews - Points for Comparison

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