Spirulina Protein - an Excellent Amino Acid Source

How much spirulina protein is there in this superfood?

Many people now take spirulina supplements to help them to maintain a healthy, balanced diet, as well as for its medicinal properties and health benefits.

It has been found that this supplement contains high amounts of everything from essential fatty acids, which are beneficial to cardiovascular function, to every type of vitamin B, which help with energy. Not only that, but this super single cell seaweed has tons of antioxidants to help keep the immune system strong and functioning at its best, too.

And one of the main reasons that this supplement is being used so widely is because of the high spirulina protein content.

Spirulina has been found to be about 60-70% protein, depending on the source, which is the highest amount of this nutrient available in food. Because it contains so many of the necessary amino acids that the body needs and uses as protein, it is considered to be a source of complete protein. That means that the body doesn't need to draw from any other source to put the amino acids to use.

There is more of this essential building block of life in one tiny little plant than a person can get from eating any kind of meat, and such amazing amounts of spirulina proteins is good news for vegetarians who may need a solid protein source.

Spirulina protein is considered to be the second best source of digestible protein available to the body, with 85-95% of it being totally digestible. The best source of this type of protein is a dried egg, as it most closely matches the body's necessary amino acid content.

On top of that, spirulina protein is plant derived, so it contains very little fat. This is in contrast to many sources of protein, which are from animals and thus also contain high amounts of fat. This makes spirulina a more desirable source of valuable amino acids than other, high fat alternatives.

Its low-fat content makes spirulina a great source of protein for dieters, too, who will often wind up lacking many nutrients due to their reduced food intake. A typical daily supplement of spirulina contains very little fat and calories and is said to help control the appetite. It should be said, however, that neither this, nor any other supplement should be used as a main source of the nutrients the body needs. It is important to maintain a healthy diet with as many food sources as possible doing the job of meeting daily nutritional needs.

When a person is eating healthfully, getting plenty of exercise and rest and is still feeling like something in the body is lacking, the protein, vitamins and nutrients found in spirulina supplements may be a great way to get the full amount of nutrition the body needs daily.

It is said that spirulina protein is absorbed into the body almost instantly. This is due to the fact that this little seaweed has no cellulose, which can make it more difficult for the body to break down the food to get to the nutrients. The easy digestibility of spirulina makes it perfect for people who suffer from intestinal and colon problems. Plus, the instant absorption makes it a great supplement for people who have malnutrition issues caused by certain diseases, too.

The dosages of spirulina supplements to be taken vary depending on the reason for taking it, of course, and should be paid attention to. Despite the fact that it has not been found to be toxic in large dosages, people who take more than one gram of this supplement daily may suffer from side effects such as headache, skin problems, and problems concentrating.

Of course, many people take much more and experience no adverse reactions. You will have to find what works best for your own body, and a good idea would be to start with a low dose and to slowly work your way up, taking note of how your body reacts to it.

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