Spirulina Supplements - Information, Benefits, Pointers

Even though spirulina supplements have been around for quite a while, many people are just beginning to discover the health benefits of this amazing dietary addition.

Spirulina is said to be loaded with protein, vitamin B, carotenoids, as well as the all-important fatty acids. Many people who don't like vegetables choose to use this as a replacement for the nutrients they don't get from eating fresh produce.

Spirulina is a single-cell seaweed that has been found in South America. It is loaded with vitamins and minerals that you obtain when you take the supplement. Many athletes will take a dose of this super nutrient before they work out, and even NASA is said to use spirulina in their astronaut food to help them stay healthy while they are in space.

Lots of people are great candidates to take spirulina supplements, and these include children who don't like veggies or a proper diet, teenagers who are experiencing a growth spurt, athletes who would like the extra boost that all the nutrients in spirulina can offer them, as well as people who are trying to heal and need additional nutrition. In fact, anyone who wants to improve his or her health can benefit from spirulina.

While some people think they should take the maximum amount of spirulina supplements, this isn't necessarily the case. If, for instance, you have a healthy diet and are not vegetarian, you may only need a small amount of the supplement to keep you at optimum health. Since spirulina contains very high amounts of protein and vitamin B12, it is an excellent supplement for vegetarians who are in need of the additional proteins and animal-derived vitamins that they may not ordinarily get.

If these aren't enough benefits, supporters say that spirulina has been found to kill cancer cells in some cases. Also, many people who are anemic take spirulina to get them back to normal, while lots of people who have taken the supplement have reported that they no longer suffer as easily from fatigue.

Some manufacturers and retailers of spirulina supplements recommend the consumption of a large dose of it; if you decide to do so, you may want to first consult with a qualified natural health practitioner, or at least proceed with caution. Persons who are allergic to seaweed or seafood of any kind, who have issues with a hyperactive thyroid, or who have high fever, may want to consider not taking high amounts of spirulina, or not taking it at all.

While it has been found that spirulina supplements can help to aid in the digestion of food and ease intestinal problems such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), some people who take large doses of the food may find that they become constipated for a while after their initial doses of it. Drinking extra water and taking a smaller dose for starters may help to ease this problem.

Other possible side effects of spirulina supplements may include a slight fever and rash in some persons, and if you experience these symptoms, reduce your intake of the spirulina.

There really is no better time to begin working on your overall health, so if you want to improve your energy levels, build your immune system and tackle your health ailments, then spirulina may well be a useful supplement to add to your health-promoting protocol. Of course, as with any herb or supplement, quality is paramount, so be sure to look for a good product.

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