Symptoms of Anxiety Attacks or Panic Attacks

What are the signs and symptoms of anxiety attacks?

An anxiety attack (also referred to as a panic attack) is thought to be one of the most frightening things a person can experience. People describe panic attacks as terror so severe that one feels as though they are going to completely lose control or die.

These anxiety attacks are episodes of intense panic or fear and generally occur suddenly, with little warning. Sometimes, there is an environmental or situational trigger, and other times the attacks occur seemingly without provocation.

Anxiety attacks generally peak in a very short period of time (within ten minutes), but the short time span reflects the intensity of the emotions and sensations that an afflicted person experiences during that time. Many people believe they are having a heart attack when they experience a panic attack, and it is important to be able to discern the symptoms of anxiety attacks / panic attacks so that proper treatment can be sought.

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A note about Symptoms of Anxiety Attacks or Panic Attacks

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One of the most marked symptoms of anxiety attacks is an overwhelming surge of panic. That is, panic that is beyond any normal level of intensity, and that completely overwhelms a person without due cause.

Another feeling that is symptomatic of an anxiety attack is one of "going crazy" or entirely losing control. A sensation of being detached or "unreal" is also common with panic attacks.

There are many physiological symptoms of anxiety attacks that accompany the psychological symptoms of doom and panic during an attack. Heart palpitations and chest pain are experienced by a person having a panic episode. Fairly often, this causes people to confuse an anxiety attack with a heart attack.

People experiencing a panic attack also tend to feel as though they are going to pass out, and have trouble breathing or a choking sensation. Hyperventilation is very common during panic attacks, as well.

Deregulation of body temperature sensations is also a symptom of a panic attack, and people may have hot flashes or chills. Someone experiencing an anxiety attack may also begin to tremble or shake. As is common with anxiety, panic attacks may also cause digestive issues, particularly nausea or stomach cramping.

Panic attacks are an incredibly invasive problem, as they possess an ability to affect and impede a person's life in a rather severe manner. Dealing with a panic attack may be easier if a person is aware of what they are experiencing, and is able to use this knowledge to engage in therapeutic self-talk.

However, it is safe to say that even one panic attack should be enough to make a person seek help, as the upsetting nature of these episodes is quite unhealthy. There are a wide variety of different treatments available for those who deal with panic episodes, and recognizing the symptoms of anxiety attacks and being able to identify the episode as a panic attack are important steps in eliminating anxiety attacks from one's life.

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